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  1. Who received a formal education
  2. phalanx
  3. Trojan War
  4. Aristotle
  5. Euripides
  1. a military formation of soldiers armed with spears and shields
  2. b wrote tragedies and author of the play Medea
  3. c a philosopher who questioned the nature of the world and of human belief, thought, and knowledge. His work provides the basis of the scientific method used today
  4. d a war in which an army led by Mycenaean kings attacked the city of Troy in Anatolia
  5. e sons of wealthy families

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  1. Greek city-state-- political unit of ancient Greece
  2. Aegean sea, Ionian sea, and Black sea
  3. Euclid
  4. Indo-Europeans who settled in Greece
  5. wrote the first comedy

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  1. aristocracya government which is ruled by a hereditary ruling class or nobility


  2. helotsGreek city-state-- political unit of ancient Greece


  3. Council of 500proposed laws and council the assembly


  4. DoriansGreek speaking people that migrated into Greece after the destruction of the Mycenaean civilization


  5. tyrantswho seized control of the government by appealing to the common people for support