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  1. agora
  2. monarchy
  3. Council of 500
  4. Dorians
  5. Cleisthenes
  1. a single person, called a king, ruled the government
  2. b popular political assembly
  3. c proposed laws and council the assembly
  4. d Greek speaking people that migrated into Greece after the destruction of the Mycenaean civilization
  5. e organized citizens into ten groups based on where they lived. Increased the power of the assembly by allowing all citizens to submit laws for debate and passage

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  1. Ptolemy
  2. Alexandria
  3. Indo-Europeans who settled in Greece
  4. Aegean sea, Ionian sea, and Black sea
  5. values of harmony, order, and balance

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  1. acropolishilltop in an ancient Greek city where citizens gathered to discuss city government


  2. democracya form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives


  3. Highly regarded mathematician who taught in AlexandriaSpartans


  4. Minoans lived on the large Greek island of ____sons of wealthy families


  5. helotsGreek city-state-- political unit of ancient Greece


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