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  1. Alexander the Great
  2. comedy
  3. Minoans lived on the large Greek island of ____
  4. Sparta conquered the neighboring region of Messenia and took over the ___. Each year, the Spartans demanded half of the ___ crops
  5. Socrates
  1. a -land
  2. b Crete
  3. c Philip II son and proclaimed himself king of Macedonia
  4. d encouraged Greeks to question themselves and their moral character
  5. e contained scenes filled with crude humor

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  1. proposed laws and council the assembly
  2. a war in which an army led by Mycenaean kings attacked the city of Troy in Anatolia
  3. peasants forced to stay on the land they worked
  4. "lovers of wisdom"
  5. gathering information about the natural world, in which experimentation and observation are used to test hypotheses

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  1. epicsnarrative poems


  2. SolonGreek city-state-- political unit of ancient Greece


  3. mountains covered ___ of ancient Greece3/4


  4. Who received a formal educationsons of wealthy families


  5. Greeks developed small, ______ within each little valley and its surrounding mountainsprotective wall more than 20 feet thick