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  1. Aristophanes
  2. tyrants
  3. Who received a formal education
  4. mountains covered ___ of ancient Greece
  5. Mycenae was located in southern Greece and was surrounded by what
  1. a protective wall more than 20 feet thick
  2. b wrote the first comedy
  3. c 3/4
  4. d sons of wealthy families
  5. e who seized control of the government by appealing to the common people for support

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  1. Crete
  2. proposed laws and council the assembly
  3. controlled by the Athens
  4. Antigonus
  5. Philip II son and proclaimed himself king of Macedonia

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  1. scientific methodorganized citizens into ten groups based on where they lived. Increased the power of the assembly by allowing all citizens to submit laws for debate and passage


  2. who seized Egypt after Alexander's deathAntigonus


  3. Socratesencouraged Greeks to question themselves and their moral character


  4. tragedycontained scenes filled with crude humor


  5. aristocracya form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives