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  1. cervic-
  2. mammo-
  3. uni-
  4. *lordosis
  5. meta-
  1. a breast
  2. b after
  3. c neck
  4. d one
  5. e curve, swayback = normal forward curve of the lumbar spine that can be exaggerated in disease

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  1. itching
  2. around
  3. vertically situated nearest to center of the body
  4. condition in which the bones become more porous, brittle, and fragile and more likely to fracture
  5. dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (a measuring device that uses low energy radiation beams)

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  1. tendonankle


  2. -insubstance


  3. temporal-timea process of breathing


  4. Osteomalaciabone; opening


  5. ethmoid-sievebone that forms the back of the nose and encloses air cells