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  1. Osteomalacia
  2. prostrate
  3. osteoarthritis (OA)
  4. tendon
  5. prefix-
  1. a soft, flexible bones lacking in calcium (rickets)
  2. b - bone; joint; inflammation = chronic inflammatory disease of joints
  3. c physically weak, exhausted lie flat on ground
  4. d fibrous band that attaches muscle to the bone
  5. e beginning

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  1. abnormal lateral curvature of the vertebral column, usually thoracic region
  2. base of the male bladder
  3. without
  4. bone mineral density
  5. muscle

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  1. cyto-after


  2. capitisfungal infection of the head


  3. anteriorsituated below, tail


  4. cervic-above


  5. epithelial tissuebone that forms the back of the nose and encloses air cells