EOD Mod 1 Terminology


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A given quantity of explosives, by itself or contained within a bomb, projectile, mine, or used as propellent
An explosion, a chemical reaction/burn that surpasses the speed of sound creating the detonation velocity which ruptures the outer container of the explosive, if any
Technique to cause the main charge to low order, or during IED's, causes a break in the firing train
Explosive munition which has not been armed as intended or which had failed to explode after being armed
Explosive Ordnance
All munitions that contain explosives, pyrotechnics, or CBRNE that cause death/injury to personnel or damage to material
EOD Procedure
Action taken by EOD to render safe , disassemble, neutralize or dispose of ordnance, in which the EOD Soldier observes the safeties first.
Initiator for ordnance and the attacking point for most render safe procedures