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a feeling of lack of interest or energy
I'm so glad I know what I want to do with my life; during any period of lassitude, all I have to do is remind myself and I snap out of it.


repeated too often
At first I was trying to avoid trite sentences on my flashcards, but now I see it's unavoidable. For some words, there are so few situations where they make sense that every single case has been written out on a hundred flashcards better than mine.


an insufficient quantity or number
Since I have such a paucity of other ideas, I guess I'm resigned to writing each sentence about the process of writing the sentence. Ugh.


large in capacity
At this late hour, my head is not capacious enough to contain all the silly sentences I think of, so I have to dump them all onto the first flashcard that presents itself.


to make easier or milder, relieve; to quiet, calm; to put an end to, appease, satisfy, quench
Let me assuage any guilt about assigning so many flashcards you might feel after reading that sentence by qualifying "at this late hour"- it's only quarter of ten and the fact that I'm doing all the flashcards now is my own fault. Not that I'm happy about all of them.


characterized by jokes and good humor
Though I've made an attempt at jocularity with my earlier sentences, I might stop now. It takes longer to labor over something almost clever than to scratch out the first thing that comes into my head.


be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information
I won't equivocate, actually. From now on all the sentences will be simple and boring. That's that.


a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage
Some people try so hard not to be seen as sycophantic that they end up insulting and disagreeing and alienating everyone.


enduring a very short time
The only example sentence I was able to tell my friend for this word was about soon-evaporated morning dew. I couldn't think of anything that was ephemeral but not water-related.


stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
I have finally squelched my obdurate determination to avoid work for long enough to finish these gosh-darn flash cards! I'm done! Except for the other lists...

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