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  1. Robert Fulton
  2. Secede
  3. Why didn't the U.S. want to annex Texas?
  4. Oberlin
  5. John C. Calhoun
  1. a would upset the balance of the slave and free states in the Senate/ might start a war with Mexico
  2. b The leader of the Southern States during the time period before the Civil War/ believed in States' Rights
  3. c to leave the Union
  4. d the first integrated and co-educational college (boys and girls could attend)
  5. e perfected the invention of the steamboat/ now boats could go upstream

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  1. Vice-President of the Confederacy
  2. Former slave who became a famous spokesman for his people
  3. A political party's stand on the issues
  4. 2,000 miles
  5. this famous court case established Judicial Review

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  1. Two famous Americans killed at the Alamo4,000 Mexicans at the battle of the Alamo vs. 186 Texans


  2. SacajaweaThose persons in Congress who want war


  3. Spoil's SystemTheater in Washington D.C. where President Lincoln was shot while watching the play, "My American Cousin"


  4. The Confederate Commanderswhite males


  5. Convention of 1818Abraham Lincoln was elected president because of a split in the democratic vote/ significance - South Carolina seceded from the Union, followed by other Southern States