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  1. States' rights
  2. Reasons for the War of 1812
  3. James Madison
  4. Battles of the Mexican War
  5. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  1. a president during the War of 1812
  2. b poet who wrote the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere"
  3. c Monterry, Buena Vista, Mexico City, Albuquerque
  4. d When the states have more power than the Federal Government
  5. e 1. Great Britain was impressing our sailors 2. Great Britain was giving the Native Americans guns with which to fight us 3. The War Hawks in Congress were pushing for war

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  1. Andrew Jackson's nickname
  2. Supposedly a deal between John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay during the Election of 1824/ This election went to the House of Representatives/ John Q. Adams supposedly told Henry Clay thit if he would get people to bote for him in the House, that Adams would give Clay the Secretary of State job/ caused JQ Adams to lose the Election of 1828
  3. famous ship in which the cannonballs bounced off of it/ never lost a battle/ called "Old Ironsides"
  4. Native-American guide who led Lewis and Clark on their expedition/ she was only 16
  5. called "Old Fuss and Feathers", war hero during the Mexican War, ran for president, first commander in the Civil War for the Union forces

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  1. ModerateSomeone who wants social change slowly/ middle of the road on political issues


  2. William Lloyd Garrisonlaw that would prohibit slavery in the lands we got from Mexico after the Mexican war/ didn't pass


  3. Dates of the Lone Star Republic1836-1845


  4. Stephen AustinThe founder and first leader of the Mormons/ assassinated in Illinois


  5. Compromise of 1850Henry Clay wrote it/ A. California enters as a free state to balance Texas which was a slave state in the senate B. Mexican lands were divided into two territories - New MExico and Utah, popular sovereignty would decide if they were slave or free C. Land claimed by Texas and Mexico would become part of New Mexico and Texas was paid $10 million by the government D. No slave trade in Washington DC E. Fugitive Slave Act would be enforced/ Kept us out of the Civil War for ten years