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  1. "Young Hickory"
  2. "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too"
  3. Wilmot-Proviso
  4. Monroe Doctrine
  5. Martin Van Buren
  1. a law that would prohibit slavery in the lands we got from Mexico after the Mexican war/ didn't pass
  2. b Warned the rest of the world that the Americas were closed to colonization 1. Russia was not to come down and colonize the western coast of the U.S. 2. the U.S. would leave European countries alone 3. Europe was to leave the Americas alone
  3. c Nickname given to James Knox Polk who was a protege of Andrew Jackson
  4. d William Henry harrison's campaign slogan in 1840/ tippecanoe was an Indian Battle and Tyler was his running mate
  5. e Won election of 1836 / Blamed for the Depression of 1837 when it was really Andrew Jackson's fault / the term "okay" came from him (Old Kinderhook)

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  1. Only president of Texas when it was a republic and one of the first senators from Texas
  2. Inventor of the cotton gin/ helped to begin the Industrial Revolution in the United States
  3. Union army starved out the people of Vicksburg for two and a half months/ they had to surrender/ lived in caves Grant was the Union commander and by capturing Vicksburg cut the south in two
  4. Incredible engineering feat for its time/ linked New York City to Erie Canal/ made NYC and industrial hub/ also much cheaper to ship goods
  5. When a country goes into an economic decline

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  1. Kansas-Nebraska Actthe plan the North had for winning the Civil War, written by Winfield Scott/ had three parts 1. Get the Mississippi River and cut the South in two 2. Capture Richmond 3. Blockade Southern States


  2. James Fenimore CooperThe last land that the US got in fulfilling its "Manifest Destiny"/ stip of land at the bottom of the US and Mexico, and it was bought from Mexico to build a railroad


  3. Louisiana Purchasethe Senator who came up with the idea of popular sovereignty


  4. Union capital and PresidentWashington D.C. and Abraham Lincoln


  5. NorthAgricultural