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  1. Great Compromiser
  2. Manifest Destiny
  3. Vicksburg
  4. Veto
  5. Abolitionists
  1. a means that the president refuses to sign a bill into law
  2. b Union army starved out the people of Vicksburg for two and a half months/ they had to surrender/ lived in caves Grant was the Union commander and by capturing Vicksburg cut the south in two
  3. c someone who wants to do away with slavery
  4. d The God-given right for the US to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
  5. e Henry Clay

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  1. Famous for his March to the Sea and for waging total war against civilians/ Union commander
  2. Laws which prevented blacks from having rights after the Civil War/ blacks couldn't serve on juries and could only have low paying jobs
  3. Care more about you section of the country than the whole country
  4. Highest tariff up to this point in American History/ 1828
  5. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied/ led to the election of Thomas Jefferson in the House of Representatives

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  1. Marbury v. Madisonthis famous court case established Judicial Review


  2. Martin Van BurenWon election of 1836 / Blamed for the Depression of 1837 when it was really Andrew Jackson's fault / the term "okay" came from him (Old Kinderhook)


  3. Embargo ActUnder Thomas Jefferson/ stopped all shipping to and from the United States/ disastrous law which divided the American people


  4. "54, 40 or Fight"John C. Calhoun's reply to the Tariff of 1828 which said that a state should be able to declare a law made unconstitutional


  5. Nativistspeople who wanted to restrict the influence of immigrants and refused to hire them/ prejudiced