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  1. Election of 1800
  2. Vicksburg
  3. How many Mexicans at the Battle of the Alamo?
  4. Underground Railroad
  5. John Wilkes Booth
  1. a Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied/ led to the election of Thomas Jefferson in the House of Representatives
  2. b The Southern Radical who assassinated Lincoln
  3. c 4,000 Mexicans at the battle of the Alamo vs. 186 Texans
  4. d the secret route that slaves took on their way to freedom in the North
  5. e Union army starved out the people of Vicksburg for two and a half months/ they had to surrender/ lived in caves Grant was the Union commander and by capturing Vicksburg cut the south in two

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  1. Ended the Mexican War... boundary of the US was the Rio Grande/ we got Texas/ we paid $15 million to Mexico for the Mexican Cession
  2. Invented the telegraph
  3. Twice general of the Union forces/ fired by Lincoln because he wouldn't fight
  4. Great Britain and United States
  5. The second leader of the Mormons who led them to Salt Lake City, Utah to settle

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  1. Benjamin Butlerone of the wealthiest men in America/ got his wealth by starting a trading post in Astoria, Washington in the early 1800s


  2. Results of the War of 18121. Andrew Jackson becomes a war hero which leads to his presidency 2. Nationalism increase 3. Federalist Party dies out


  3. Great Compromiser1820 had 3 parts... 1. Maine comes in as a free state 2. Missouri comes in as a slave state 3. No slavery above the 36 30 line


  4. Stephen Kearnybrought the first 300 families to Texas


  5. State which passed Nullification ActSouth Carolina


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