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  1. Who wrote the Compromises of 1820 and 1850?
  2. James Madison
  3. The Prophet
  4. Ranchos
  5. Underground Railroad
  1. a huge properties owned by Mexicans/ similar to southern plantations
  2. b the secret route that slaves took on their way to freedom in the North
  3. c Henry Clay
  4. d president during the War of 1812
  5. e Powerful Shawnee leader who was the religious leader of the Native Americans and who put a curse on the presidents

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  1. Theater in Washington D.C. where President Lincoln was shot while watching the play, "My American Cousin"
  2. Warned the rest of the world that the Americas were closed to colonization 1. Russia was not to come down and colonize the western coast of the U.S. 2. the U.S. would leave European countries alone 3. Europe was to leave the Americas alone
  3. There would be slavery, there would be low or no tariffs, states would have more power than the federal government
  4. High tax on goods coming into the US which makes people want to buy American products
  5. Religious group who persecuted because of their belief in polygamy/ they moved to Salt Lake and founded Salt Lake City, Utah/ they were successful because they learned to tap and control the water supply

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  1. Convention of 1818Set the boundary between the U.S and Great Britain


  2. John Jacob Astorone of the wealthiest men in America/ got his wealth by starting a trading post in Astoria, Washington in the early 1800s


  3. SouthThe leader of the Cherokee Indians / wrote the Cherokee alphabet


  4. National Road or Cumberland RoadAmbrose Burnside, George McClellan, Ulysess S. Grant


  5. Pickett's ChargeWritten by Harriet Beecher Stowe/ novel about slave conditionsin the south/ fueled the fires of war because people were horrified by slave conditions