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  1. John C. Calhoun
  2. Robert E. Lee
  3. Differences between North and South
  4. Battle of Atlanta
  5. Gadsden Purchase
  1. a Vice-president during Andrew Jackson's presidency
  2. b North - industrial, had population of 22 million, were mainly abolitionists, favored federal government having more power than the states/ South - agricultural, had a population of nine million, believed in slavery and states' rights
  3. c Sherman marched towards Savannah, GA from Chattanooga, TN with 100,000 troops/ destroyed everything including Atlanta on his way/ called total war
  4. d Commander of the the Confederate forces during the Civil War/ known for being a great military leader and gentleman
  5. e The last land that the US got in fulfilling its "Manifest Destiny"/ stip of land at the bottom of the US and Mexico, and it was bought from Mexico to build a railroad

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  1. Southerners who supported Northerners after the Civil War/ worked with Reconstruction officials/ hated by southerners/ most famous one was General James Longstreet
  2. What Texas was called whin it was its own country for 9 years after the Texas War for Independence
  3. president during the War of 1812
  4. Fought in the winter of 1862/ victory for the South/ Marye's Heights happened there/ Northern Lights appeared in the sky
  5. small group which nominates people for political office, not democratic

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  1. Jefferson DavisPresident of the Confederacy


  2. PlatformA political party's stand on the issues


  3. Why didn't the U.S. want to annex Texas?would upset the balance of the slave and free states in the Senate/ might start a war with Mexico


  4. Ford's TheaterTheater in Washington D.C. where President Lincoln was shot while watching the play, "My American Cousin"


  5. Union capital and PresidentWashington D.C. and Abraham Lincoln