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  1. USS Constitution
  2. Appomattox Courthouse
  3. Sequoya
  4. Moderate
  5. Years of the Civil War
  1. a This battle included some of the fiercest fighting in the war and after this battle Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse
  2. b 1861-1865
  3. c The leader of the Cherokee Indians / wrote the Cherokee alphabet
  4. d famous ship in which the cannonballs bounced off of it/ never lost a battle/ called "Old Ironsides"
  5. e Someone who wants social change slowly/ middle of the road on political issues

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  1. The second leader of the Mormons who led them to Salt Lake City, Utah to settle
  2. Military mayor of New Orleans during the Civil War/ South hated him because of the tactics he used/ called the "Beast"
  3. John C. Calhoun's reply to the Tariff of 1828 which said that a state should be able to declare a law made unconstitutional
  4. Under Thomas Jefferson / banned trade to and from all foreign countries
  5. San Antonia, Texas

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  1. Oberlinthe first integrated and co-educational college (boys and girls could attend)


  2. Eli WhitneyAndrew Jackson's nickname


  3. Two rules for Americans in TexasHighest tariff up to this point in American History/ 1828


  4. Sam HoustonOnly president of Texas when it was a republic and one of the first senators from Texas


  5. Mormons and why they succeededReligious group who persecuted because of their belief in polygamy/ they moved to Salt Lake and founded Salt Lake City, Utah/ they were successful because they learned to tap and control the water supply