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  1. William Henry Harrison
  2. What was the treaty which ended the Mexican War called?
  3. Differences between North and South
  4. William Lloyd Garrison
  5. Bleeding Kansas
  1. a Editor of an antislavery newspaper during the Civil War/ was a radical Abolitionist
  2. b General in charge of fighting the Native-Americans in the NW territory
  3. c Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
  4. d Civil War in Kansas to see if Kansas would be slave or free/ people would send proslavery and antislavery voters from other states/ 200 people were killed/ one proslavery and one anti-slavery capital
  5. e North - industrial, had population of 22 million, were mainly abolitionists, favored federal government having more power than the states/ South - agricultural, had a population of nine million, believed in slavery and states' rights

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  1. Campaign slogan of William Henry Harrison for the Election of 1840 / Had a campaign symbol of a log cabin / first modern campaign
  2. the desire to go west and start a new life
  3. first missionaries to Oregon/ started a settlement at Walla Walla, Washington
  4. Henry Clay
  5. Famous Southern General who worked with Reconstruction people from the North after the Civil War and because of this, he was hated by the South

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  1. Treaty of Guadalupe HidalgoEnded the Mexican War... boundary of the US was the Rio Grande/ we got Texas/ we paid $15 million to Mexico for the Mexican Cession


  2. Samuel Slatera pass through the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming/ used by early settlers


  3. Caucussmall group which nominates people for political office, not democratic


  4. Democratic PartyA group of settlers going out west, did not make it over the mountains in time/ many froze or starved to death, and others resorted to cannibalism


  5. Martin Van BurenWon election of 1836 / Blamed for the Depression of 1837 when it was really Andrew Jackson's fault / the term "okay" came from him (Old Kinderhook)