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All Characters!!!


The main character; her name means hope. She promises to never forget where she came from; was raped.


Esperanza's younger sister. Esperanza looks out for her.


Racheal's sister; dumb


is Lucy's sister; also dumb

Esperanza's mother

wants Esperanza to go to school, because she would have became something if she would have gone.


Waiting for luck to come to her; from Puerto Rico.


Esperanza's friend who abandoned Esperanza, and she got raped. Also she is abused by her father.


Works hard to go to college because she doesn't want to work in a factory.

Louie's cousin

The boy who comes to their town with the new car that he stole; and was later arrested.


Headstrong, not wanting to change ways, law of god; commits suicide with wedding dress.


subordinate, bending, doesn't want to bury Polynecies, coward, reverts on decision later.


Dead brother, not buried because he opposed Creon


Antigone's other brother, who was buried.


Creon's wife; later kills herself


King of Thebes, pride is his tragic flaw, dynamic character, Sentenced Antigone to death


Antigone's husband, commits suicide with Antigone, warns his father to change.


Antigone's father; has curse put on him.


Antigone's mother


cannot interact with peole, say gods are more powerful than man


Tells Creon you will regret this killing of Antigone; voice of reason

Julius Caesar (Caesar salad)

Just came back to Rome victorious in battle, power hungry, and arrogant, stabbed by the other senators.


One of the senators in plot to kill Caesar; he sees right through people and sees their true motives.


Senator that everyone loves, takes power once Caesar is killed, kills himself in the end

Marc Antony

Very loyal to Caesar; gets people to take his side and revolt against the rebel senators.


Dumb, used for comic relief, joins the conspirators, also sees through Caesar's motives for rejecting the crown.

Cinna (the sentator)

One of the conspirators, tells Cassius they need Brutus on their side to win the people's trust.


Convinces Caesar to come to the Senate by twisting his dream around

Portia (A feat of German engineering)

Brutus's wife, commits suicide after learning what Brutus did


Caesar's wife, had dream about Caesar getting stabbed and blood gushing out.


Goes to tell Caius to visit Brutus; later asks Caesar to bring back his brother who was banished.


Wrote a letter that he tried to hand Caesar warning him about the conspirators; didn't work.


Imitates Brutus to confuse the enemy and redirect their attention


Predicts the future; fortune teller


Husband of Zeena, drives the narrator in wagon, enjoys science.


Ethan's wife, very cranky, nursed Ethan's mom when she was younger.


Ethan's true lover, convinces Ethan to go down sled with her.

Ruth (Varnum) Hale

Her and Ned are foils of Mattie and Ethan; daughter of Mr. Hale (timber). Tells narrator story at the end of Ethan and Mattie's tradedy.

Ned Hale

Ruth's husband

Andrew Hale

Ethan tries to get a cash advance from him for delivering the timber, father of Ruth Hale.

Jotham Powell

The hired man on the Frome farm

Denis Eady

The character Ethan is jealous of before learning that Mattie loves him too.


Journalist who got stuck in Starkfield, wants to investigate more into Ethan whom she gets rides from to work.

Silas Marner

Old weaver who leaves Lantern Yard to come to Raveloe after being accused of stealing money. Finds Eppie.

William Dance

Silas's best friend from childhood in Lantern Yard; is betrayed by him.

Godfrey Cass

Married to Molly and had a child which he secretly covers up to marry his true love Nancy.

Dunstan Cass

Godfrey's brother who is able to take money from him because he knows about Godfrey's other marriage.

Squire Cass

Father of Dunstan and Godfrey; owns lots of land, throws big party

Nancy Lammeter

Godfrey's true love, b-e-a-utiful, and shy. Doesn't want kids.

Priscilla Lammeter

Nancy's sister is loud, brash, and outspoken.


The girl that Silas was going to marry in Lantern Yard


Godfrey's secret wife, and Eppie's real mother; addicted to opium

Eppie (pen)

daughter of Godfrey and Molly, crawls into Silas's house, later marries Aaron

Dolly Winthrop

Visits Silas to convince him to go to church.


Dolly's son who later grows up to marry Eppie.


Taller than everyone else, runs off after World Council denies his discovery of light, smart; different than everyone else, independent. (Prometheus-brought fire to man)


The woman Equality falls in love with. (Golden one, Gaea)

The World Council

Group of world leaders who Equality goes to with his invention.

The Scholars

Group of thinkers who invent things, Equality really wants to be one!


Part of triumpharit with Antony and Octavion; Octavion and Antony don't want to share any land with him though.

Ender (who's he again?)

A third, who is accepted into battle school and defeats the buggers.

Bean (black or pinto beans?)

one of Ender's toon leaders, but they become friends; helps Ender defeat the buggers, very creative and smart.


isolates Ender on the launch so he will have to try his hardest to succeed. Interviews Ender before going to battle school.

Valentine ('s day)

Ender's sister who is too shy to be accepted into battle school. (Demontheses)

Anderson (cooper 360)

in charge of the battle school, changes up the rules on Ender.


First one to teach Ender how to shoot well. Ender breaks her later on in command school; leader of the Phoneix army.


The strict leader of the Salamander army, Spanish honor, almost tried to kill Ender.


Boy who's arm Ender broke, became enemies from early on.


The boy who picked on Ender on earth; find out later Ender killed him.


Ender's brother who is too cruel to be let in battle school, (Locke)


is the one who tells Ender that the real enemy at battle school are the teachers.

Dap (AKA: Mom)

The boy's mother at battle school.


One of Ender's friends, shalaam.

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