10 terms

Bible Chapter 9

The temple was the...
center of the Jewish religious worship
Solomon's temple was where?
at Mount Moriah, east of the city of Zion
What is Talmud?
Jewish commentaries of the many laws and rules of Judaism
The temple of Zerubbabel lacked 5 things
1. the ark of the covenant
2. the sacred fire
3. divine presence of God
4. urim and thummim objects belonging to the garments of the high priest
The time of event:
the Passover
to remind the Israelites of the Egyptian captivity and release
to be an annual event
The Jewish Passover was originally:
the Lord's Passover
The master of the event
the strength and boldness of the Lord
the holiness and wrath of God
the deity and authority of Christ
Christ calls the temple:
My Father's House
Jesus claims what in verse 2:19
I will rise my body from the dead
Who does Jesus know?
He knows all men