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forensic science

the application of science to law

branches of science used in forensics

chemistry, biology, physics, and geology

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

published the first Sherlock Holmes novel, "Study in Scarlet" in 1887


father of forensic toxicology


father of criminal identification


a systematic procedure of taking a series of body measurements as a means of distinguishing one from another


undertook the first definitive study of finger prints and developed a methodology of classifying them for filing


devised a procedure for determining the blood group of a dried bloodstain. blood groups or types are now recognized as A, B, AB, and O


refined the technique of firearms examination by utilizing the comparison microscope


fundamental principles of document examination


wrote the first thesis describing the application of scientific disciplines to the field of criminal investigation


became the founder and director of the Institute of Criminalistics at the University of Lyons which became the leading international center for study and research in forensic science

Locard's Exchange Principle

Locard believed that when a criminal came in contact with an object or person, cross-transfer of evidence occurred

Federal Bureau of Investigation

in 1932, the FBI under direction of J. Edgar Hoover, organized a national laboratory

Los Angeles Police Department

houses the oldest forensic laboratory in the U.S


when the Innocence Project was created

Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeild

who created the Innocence Project

289 exonerations

how many exonerations?


how many on death row?


# of exonerations in Louisiana

witness misidentification

what is the #1 cause of the conviction of innocent people?


Combined DNA Index System

25,000 a year

compensation in Louisiana?


compensation cap in Louisiana?


do all states compensate the wrongfully convicted person?

Texas 44

which state has the most exonerations? and how many?

39 cases

how many cases has the actual perp been found?

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