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Which of the following was not a factor that stimulated English migration to the New World?

government laws that forced the migration of the poorer classes

Unlike Virginia, Maryland was established

as a religious sanctuary for persecuted Catholics from England

The major difference in the founding of the colony of Georgia was

an act of aggression and defense from the Spanish

The main staple of the Carolinas' economy by the close of the seventeenth century was


The famous English philosopher ----- wrote the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina.

John Locke

The founder of the Georgia colony was

James Oglethorpe

The Plymouth Colony was ultimately absorbed by which colony?


In Massachusetts Bay, "freeman status" was granted to adult males who

were church members

Anne Hutchinson's skillful self-defense at her trial before the Bay's magistrates was ruined by

her claim of personal revelation

Penn published brochures to market aggressively his new colony. All of the following were countries in which the brochures were published except


In ------, charges of witchcraft caused considerable turmoil in the late seventeenth century.


Puritans viewed which of the following as essential to their New England commonwealth?

a healthy family life

The most important difference between the New England and Chesapeake colonies was

the Chesapeake's much higher mortality rate

In 1647, the Massachusetts legislature ordered all townships with fifteen or more families to ------ and support with local taxes.

open an elementary school

When historians refer to the "feminization of colonial religion," they are referring to

women joining the church at a ration greater than two-to-one

Daily lives of New England residents revolved around all of the following except

business activities

Of the estimated 11 million African slaves carried to America, the great majority were sent to

Brazil and the Caribbean

What percent of the eighteenth century population f the lowlands of South Carolina was of African origin?


British authorities base their colonial commercial policies on the theory of


During the Salem witchcraft hysteria, Increase Mather and other leading Congregational ministers

urged restraint and caution

The population of the late colonial era was characterized as fairly young. It is estimated that one half of the population was under the age of


The largest group if white, non-English immigrants to the colonies were

the Scotch-Irish

What was responsible for most of the growth in the American colonies between 1700 and 1770?

natural reproduction of colonial families

The first large group of German immigrants moved to America seeking

religious tolerance

------- was the most important embodiment of the Enlightenment in America.

Benjamin Franklin

Which of the following was not a consequence of the Seven Years' War?

It revealed British discontent with America's contribution to its own defense.

Which of the following was between England and France had the greatest political and economic impact on colonial America?

the Seven Years' War

Colonial legislatures saw their primary function as

implementing the governor's policies

What did the Great Awakening, intercolonial trade, and the rise of colonial assemblies have in common?

They all contributed to a growing sense of shared identity among the colonists.

------- was responsible for authoring the Albany Plan.

Benjamin Franklin

American colonists, in the years just after the conclusion of the Seven Years' War, could be characterized best as

optimistic about the future

Although it is impossible to know exactly how many people fled America because they felt a loyalty to the British crown, all of the following are true except

they were all upper class wealthy merchants

England passed the Coercive Acts in response to

the Boston Tea Party

The boycott movement against the Stamp Act

was championed by the colonial press

The picture is of a painting of the conditions of a British prison ship. Based on this picture, the conditions could best be described as


The tensions leading to the Boston Massacre were caused by

the presence of several thousand British soldiers in Boston

The pamphlet, ------, presented justification to Americans for their break with Great Britain.

Common Sense

The American victory that brought about the French alliance occurred at


General Howe was replace by

General Clinton

the radical American group which first emerged during the Stamp Act crisis was known as

the Sons of Liberty

The ------- proposed a new form for government that was acceptable to the smaller states.

New Jersey Plan

Most new state constitutions after the American Revolution

included Declaration of Rights.

Compared with the revolutions in France, Russia, and China, the American Revolution could be characterized as

more tame and less wrenching

An important procedural decision approved at the opening of the Constitutional Convention involved

the decision to keep deliberation as secret as possible

The Newburgh Conspiracy involved

discontented officers of the Continental Army

Which of the following was not a criticism of American government under the Articles of Confederation?

It gave too much power to a central government.

The most obvious contradiction to the principles expressed in the founding of the American republic was

the continued existence of slavery in much of the nation.

He was considered the most important political figure of the Confederation Period.

Robert Morris

A major fear of the Antifederalists was that

the average voter was not educated enough to make good decisions.

How many states did not have to draft new constitutions, since they already had republican governments as part of their colonial charters?


Which of the following did Hamilton and Jefferson have in common?

faith in a republican society

Why did Spain agree to the terms of the Pinckney Treaty?

It feared the terms of Jay's Treaty.

Which of the following individuals is incorrectly matched with his position in George Washington's first Cabinet?

James Madison: Secretary of Commerce

which of the following would Alexander Hamilton have proposed?

providing government subsidies to manufacturers

During Washington's second term in office,

foreign affairs became a much more important focus.

The Genet affair involved

France's use of American ships in violation of U.S. pledges of neutrality.

The emergence of political parties in the 1790's

had both good and bad consequences for the nation at the time.

Washington's Farewell Address

advised against permanent alliances with nations that were not interested in promoting American security.

The election of 1796 was complicated by

behind-the-scenes manipulations by Alexander Hamilton.

As a result of the actions taken by John Adams while president,

the United States had harmony with France.

The Barbary States were located in

North Africa

As the chief negotiator with France, who engineered the Louisiana Purchase?

James Monroe

Jefferson's foreign policy

created more harm than good for the United States

Under Jeffersonian Republicanism,

American believed opportunities were available to them.

By 1810, one-fifth of the American population was made up of

African Americans

Thomas Jefferson's attitude toward Native Americans showed that he

respected them as people, but was not impressed by their culture.

What difficulty did Jefferson face in purchasing the Louisiana Territory?

the constitutionality of his actions

After 1800, Federalists retained control of

the judiciary

The decision in Marbury vs. Madison was the first time the Supreme Court

asserted its right to judge the constitutionality of congressional acts.

Samuel Chase's impeachment trial

maintained the independence of the judiciary

The Adams-Onis Treaty

made Florida a U.S. territory.

Between 1815 and 1824, the United States

grew rapidly in size and population

The first great federal transportation project was the

building of the National Roads.

The great canal building boom of the 1820's and 1830's ended

when canals proved to be an unprofitable means of transportation.

The most important decision of the Marshall Court was

McCullough v. Maryland

The main diplomatic challenge facing James Monroe in 1820 was

responding to the revolt of Spain's Latin American colonies.

The Monroe Doctrine

made little impression on the European powers.

The development of profitable commercial farming resulted from

the availability of good land and the revolution in marketing.

John Quincy Adams was the handpicked selection for President by President Monroe. What office did he hold in the Monroe Administration?

Secretary of State

The ------- were the NAtive American tribe that attempted to assimilate into American society.


The nullification controversy occurred in the state of

South Carolina.

------ came to symbolize the triumph of democracy.

Andrew Jackson

------- denied states the right to take Native American tribal lands.

Worcester v. Georgia

Andrew Jackson killed the national bank

by withdrawing federal deposits from it.

From Jackson's response to the nullification crisis, one can conclude that he

believed in the limited use of federal power but also that states were not truly sovereign.

Andrew Jackson's attitude toward Native Americans was that

they should be removed to areas beyond white expansion.

John Quincy Adams' victory in 1824 was aided by

Henry Clay.

The most obvious indicator of the supremacy of democracy in the United States was

the development of universal manhood suffrage.

The "Trail of Tears" refers to

the forced relocation of the Cherokees to Oklahoma.

Between 1824 and 1840, voter participation in elections

increased dramatically

Slavery's hold on the South was strengthened by the increasing importance of

short-staple cotton.

During the nineteenth century, the center of cotton production

shifted rapidly westward.

At the time of the Civil War,

the percentage of whites owning slaves was increasing.

The yeoman farmer of the south was

proud and self-reliant.

Southern proslavery arguments did not include the belief that slavery was

mandated by the United States Constitution.

Southern apologists claimed that the master-slave relationship was more humane that employer-worker relationships because

it afforded greater long-term security.

The conspiracy for slave rebellion uncovered in South Carolina in 1822 was led by

Denmark Vesey.

The foundation of the African american culture was


Free African Americans in the South were

actively involved in helping fugitive slaves.

The approach viewed by many American religious leaders as the best way to extend religious values was called


The Second Great Awakening began

on the southern frontier

The reform movement in New England began as

an effort to defend Calvinism against Enlightenment ideas

The reform movement did not inspire

dramatic changes in protestant theology.

As a reform effort, the temperance movement

was directed at a serious social problem.

An important change in the American family in the nineteenth century was

the growing significance of mutual affection in marriage.

Which of the following individuals was not a prominent preacher of the Second Great Awakening?

Henry David Thoreau

In practice, working-class families viewed the new public school

as depriving them of needed wage earners.

In theory, prisons and asylums

were to substitute for the family.

Abolitionism received its greatest support in the

small-to-medium-sized towns of the upper North.

Which of the following was not a characteristic of the Young America movement?

a weak foreign policy

The American population moved westward in the 1830's and 1840's for all of the following reasons except

loyalty to Mexico and Great Britain

The most plausible reason for the Texas Revolution was

the unwillingness of Anglo-Americans to accept Mexican rule.

Manifest Destiny was based, in part, on

the belief that God was on the side of American expansionism.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

provided the opportunity for additional expansion by the united States.

For the American economy, railroads

had an enormous effect

Between the 1830's and 1840's, most of the immigrants to the untied states came from

Western Europe

In -------, Herman Melville produced a novel, original in form and conception, to fulfill the demand of Young Americans for a new literature.

Moby Dick

The inventor of the mechanical reaper was

Cyrus McCormick

The leader of the Mormon trek to Utah was

Brigham Young

The Compromise of 1850

abolished the slave trade in the District of Columbia

The Wilmot Provisio sought to

ban slavery in the territory acquired from Mexico.

According to the principle of popular sovereignty,

the House of Representatives would determine whether a territory would have slavery.

In the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Stephen Douglas attempted to set up territorial government based on

popular sovereignty

Why did the Know-Nothings become popular?

They reflected the growing differences between the sections.

The Republican Party

was primarily a sectional party

In the 1850's the most important example of literary abolitionism was

Uncle Tom's Cabin

In the Dred Scott case, the Supreme Court decision was largely the work of

Roger Taney

The Republican Party platform in 1860

attempted to broaden the party's appeal in the North.

Individuals who opposed the expansion of slavery into the territories because the feared its effect on the labor system were know as

Free Soilers

Which of the following does not apply to Lincoln's initial policy toward the Confederacy?

the deployment of troops along "border states" to demonstrate a Union resolve to fight

Which of the following was not a provision of the Confederate Constitution?

a strong central government

The chart labeled "Resources of the Union and the Confederacy, 1861" could suggest all of the following statements as true except

The was extremely industrialized due to the expansion of railroads.

Which of the following states was not part of the Confederacy?


In the beginning, the Civil War was

a struggle to preserve the Union

Which one of the following was not a Northern advantage throughout the war?

familiar terrain and public support

To secure the necessary troops for the war,

A and B

Lincoln and Davis learned early in the war that

successful conduct of the war required active, executive leadership

The Emancipation Proclamation freed

only slaves in the Confederacy

Confederate leader were confident of British recognition, because

British textile mills were so dependent on southern cotton

A minimal Reconstruction policy was favored by

President Lincoln

Which if the following groups was disappointed by the fifteenth Amendment?


At their state constitutional conventions, Southerners were required to do all of the following except

guarantee the political and civil rights of the freedmen

The legacy of Reconstruction for most Americans was

poverty and discrimination

The small number of African American elected to sate or national office during Reconstruction demonstrated on the average

more integrity and competence then their white counterparts

Andrew Johnson was indicted by the House for his violation of the

Tenure of Office Act

The South's refusal to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment

forced the Republicans to abolish the existing Southern governments and give the vote to African Americans

The organization that symbolized most vividly "white backlash" of the Reconstruction era was

the Ku Klux Klan

Black Codes showed that

Southerners wanted African Americans to return to positions of servility

Which of the following was not a scandal during the Grant ministration?

Teapot Dome

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