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RCSC 320: Got Milk? Case Study


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What was the "got milk?" campaign strategy?
Milk deprivation
What is the CMPB and why was it formed?
California Milk Processor Board, to fund advertising and public relations programs with the ultimate goal of increasing milk sales and consumption
Who is the executive director of the CMPB?
Jeff Manning
What ad agency did they use?
Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners
Supply sides of commodities (a basic good or necessity)
1. Too many decision makers i.e. farmers
2. Small budgets, less than brand marketers
3. Slow budget process, the budget is contributions made by each producer or processor, usually mandatory collections and are decided upon in advance
4. Push vs. pull, there is not a pressing need to motivate retailers to carry fluid milk (every store needs to sell milk)
Demand sides of commodities
1. Changing a category vs. market share, changing consumer attitudes and behaviors toward an entire category as opposed to trying to increase market share of a brand
2. Influenced by other industries i.e. soft drinks
Previous milk promotion campaigns prior to 1993
1.The "Milk does a body good" campaign, focused on the benefits of milk as part of a well balanced diet
2. The "Good fast food" campaign, promoted milk, cheese, and other dairy products
Trends effecting milk consumption
1. Family size was shrinking
2. More mothers were working instead of staying home, which meant more meals were eaten outside of the home
What ethnic group drank almost 1/3 more milk than average?
Latinos, also bought larger sizes of milk
The 1992 United Dairy Industry Association (UDIA) study results of why there was a decline in milk consumption...
1. Proliferation of other beverages
2. Lack of portability
3. Lack of flavor variety
4. Not thirst quenching
5. Lack of consumer mind share, milk was usually forgotten
6. Shared nature of consumption
Relationship of milk with other foods
Cereal, cookies, sandwiches, coffee, milkshakes
CMPB's branding strategy
1. Invest in R&D to expand the number of flavors available
2. Expand the potential usage occasions
3. Cooperate with consumer packaged goods companies for joint promotions
4. Develop an advertising campaign to clarify the health benefits of milk
5. Generate a new image for milk through advertising
6. Target Hispanics and aging Californians
Campaign objectives
1. Change consumer behavior
2. Increase mind share
3. Halt sales decline
What was their target market?
"Regular" users of milk - 70% of the California market
When and where consumers drink milk?
1. Almost all milk is consumed at home
2. Milk is considered an essential complement to certain types of foods
3. Consumers tend to discuss milk and these foods as if they are the same food i.e. Oreos and milk
Logo concept
"Got milk?" urged consumers to run to the refrigerator and make sure the answer was "yes"
Where were the logos displayed?
Cereal boxes, point-of-purchase displays, shelf talkers at the complementary food locations, check-out dividers
Media strategy
1. At home where milk could be immediately consumed
2. On the way to the store
3. In the store
When was the "got milk?" campaign launched?
November, 1993
What was CMPB's annual budget?
$23 million
What award did the "got milk?" ad win in 1995?
Effie Award and top honors from several other major advertising award committees
When did MilkPEP's "milk mustache" campaign launch?
When did "got milk?" ads go international and where did they air?
2004, England, Wales, and Scotland
Who did "got milk?" partner with?
General Mills, Nestle, Quaker, Keebler, and Girl Scouts
What did the CMPB launch in October 1998 to provide consumers more information about milk?
What ad did "got milk?" launch, which failed?
What is Chugs?
A portable and flavored milk product packaged in plastic containers made to look like old-fashioned glass bottles, produced by Midwest-based Dean Foods
Why did sales in California decline in 1998?
Price increases that exceeded the national increases of the same time
What is Gravity Tour?
A grassroots campaign targeting young teens in 1998 that traveled to high schools throughout the state and featured the world's top professional skateboarders, bikers, and inline skaters
What was milk an official sponsor of for sports?
Major League Soccer
What lawsuit was made against the Dairy Program?
April 2, 2002, Joseph and Brenda Cochran, independent dairy farmers from Westfield, PA, filed that they did not want to be forced by law to pay for national ads for milk. CMPB won.
What did the CMPB do for Hispanics and Latinos?
Related ads to their culture and targeted them specifically, they did not think the original "got milk?" ad was funny and thought it was offensive
What led the expansion of milk into vending machines?
Improved portable packaging and a variety of milk flavors
What did President George Bush sign into law in 2004?
Child Nutrition Care Act of 2004, gave schools more flexibility as to how they serve milk and required at least two different types of milk be served