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The Revolution Begins;Chapter 6 Section 1

Old Order
the political and social system in place in France before the Revolution
King Louis XVI
King of France from 1774-1792; had unpopular polices like harsh taxes, helped jump start the French Revolution. Deposed by the National Convention, he was executed by guillotine
Queen of France, wife of King Louis XVI; queen during the French Revolution and was disliked by her people; found guilty of treason and killed by guillotine
First Estate
in pre-Revolution France, the clergy; made up 1% of the population
Second Estate
in pre-Revolution France, the nobles; made up about 2% of the population
Third Estate
in pre-Revolution France, the bourgeoisie, artisans, workers, and peasants; made up 97% of the population
the urban middle class; merchants, professionals, and manufactures
sans culottes
"without breeches"; a radical group of shop-keepers and wage earners during the French Revolution who wanted a larger voice in government and an end to foot food shortages
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
a document that laid out the basic principles of the French Revolution
a person with extreme views
"Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity"
what the declaration of rights stands for
Maximilen Robespierre
a leading figure of the French Revolution;know for his intense dedication to the Revolution. He became increasingly radical and led the National Conventional during its most blood thirsty time