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  1. NHTSA
  2. Professionalism
  3. EMS system
  4. National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT)
  5. Attributes
  1. a Qualities or characteristics of a person.
  2. b A national organization developed to ensure that graduates of EMS training programs have met minimal standards by measuring competency through a uniform testing process.
  3. c National Highway Safety Administration
  4. d A network of resources that provides emergency care and transportation to victims of sudden illness or injury.
  5. e Following the standards of conduct and performance for a profession.

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  1. A set of treatment guidelines written for the paramedic to follow.
  2. Expectations established by the community at large reflecting their views of the conduct of a profession.
  3. Direct voice communication by a medical director to a prehospital professional while he/she is attending to the patient.
  4. A predefined set of skills, interventions, or other activities that the paramedic is legally authorized to perform when necessary; usually set by state law or regulation and local medical directions.
  5. An external verification of the competencies that an individual has achieved and typically involves an examination process; in healthcare these process are typically designed to verify that an individual has achieved minimum competency to ensure safe and effective patient care.

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  1. Physician advisorFollowing the standards of conduct and performance for a profession.


  2. LicensureNational Standard Curriculum


  3. Continuing educationThe exchange of thoughts, messages and information.


  4. Prospective medical directionsPhysician review of prehospital care reports and participation in the quality improvement process; a type of offline medical direction.


  5. Standing ordersQualities or characteristics of a person.