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  1. Jesus provides us with the image of God that is __________, ___________, and _____________.
  2. The __________ is when Mary, who is pregnant, visits her cousin Elizabeth, who is also pregnant. Elizabeth's son grows up to be John the Baptist.
  3. How is Jesus a mediator between God and us?
  4. When you follow Jesus' footsteps, you become a _________
  5. Disciples of Jesus were first called the Followers of the ______.
  6. The ________ is when Jesus is born.

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  1. Jesus and MaryJesus is the _________ of the Blessed Trinity.


  2. By being human, Jesus showed us how to reach our full potential and become children of God.
    By being divine, Jesus helps bring us closer to the Father as he is reflected in Jesus.
    What do you mean when you say that Jesus is the substantial image of the Father?


  3. sons and daughtersThe Rosary was developed in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary to help people concentrate on events from ______and _______'s lives.


  4. belonging to its natureSubstantial implies _________________.


  5. human, divineJesus is true man and true God, fully __________ but also fully _______________.


  6. ...Jesus has ___________ natures.


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