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  1. palliative
  2. respiratory preparation
  3. proteins
  4. sodium and potassium depletion
  5. preparing for the postop patient
  1. a relieves or reduces intensity of disease symptoms; will not produce cure
  2. b blood loss, body fluid loss, catabolism
  3. c build and repair
  4. d sphygmomanometer, stethoscope and thermometer, emesis basin, clean gown, washcloth, towel and tissues, IV pole and pump, suction equipment, oxygen equipment, extra pillows and bed pads, PCA pump
  5. e incentive spirometry, prevent or treat atelectasis, improve lung expansion, improve oxygenation,

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  1. dressing-reinforce for first 24 hours; circle the drainage and write date and time;
  2. hiccup, involuntary contraction of the diaphragm followed by rapid closure of the glottis, results from irritation of the phrenic nerve
  3. allergy, bleeding, cortisone, diabetes mellitus, emboil
  4. care of wound site; action and possible side effets of any medications; when and how to take them; activities allowed and prohibited; dietary restrictions and modifications; symptoms to be reported; where and when to return for follow-up care; answers to any ind questions or concerns
  5. that branch of medicine concerned with diseases and trauma requiring operative procedures

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  1. catabolismteach patient about possibility of tubes, nasogastric tubes, wound evacuation units, IV, O2


  2. surgical woundsteach patient about incisions, size and loation, type of closure, drains and dressings


  3. short-stay unitpatient, not hospitalized, who is being treated; ind is admitted either to a short-stay unit or directly to the surgical suite


  4. cachexiaexcision or removal of diseased body part


  5. nursing interventions for activityencourage muscle-strengthening exercises, dangling, two people to assist with ambulation


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