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  1. catabolism
  2. preoperative checklist
  3. constipation
  4. singultus
  5. prevention of venous stasis
  1. a permits signed and on chart, allergies, ID band on patient, skin prep done, removal of dentures, glasses-contacts, jewelry, nail polish, hairpins, makeup, TED stocking applied, preoperative vs, preoperative medications, physical disabilities and/or diseases, history and physical an lab reports on chart
  2. b tissue breakdown
  3. c 2-3 days after solid foods are started, patient should have stool, suppository or tap water enema, ambulation
  4. d involuntary contraction of the diaphragm followed by rapid losure of the glottis; irritation of the phreni nerve; causes could be abdominal distention or internal bleeding
  5. e leg exercises every two hours, TEDS, SCD

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  1. nursing interventions before and after surgery physically and psychologically prepare the patient for the surgical procedure
  2. prevents thrombus, embolus, and infarct, leg exercises, antiembolism stockings, sequential compression devices
  3. normal bladder habits, instruct patient about postop palpation of bladder, urinary catheter may be inserted
  4. results in loss of sensation in an area of the body; nerve block, spinal anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, IV anesthesia
  5. the removal of fluids from a body cavity, wound or other source of discharge by one or more methods

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  1. inpatientpatient hospitalized for surgery


  2. planningthe removal of fluids from a body cavity, wound or other source of discharge by one or more methods


  3. preparing for the postop patientremoval of hair, shave, hair clip, depilatory (nair)


  4. skin preparationremoval of hair, shave, hair clip, depilatory (nair)


  5. ABCCSteach patient about possibility of tubes, nasogastric tubes, wound evacuation units, IV, O2