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  1. tubes
  2. local anesthesia
  3. skin preparation
  4. respiratory preparation
  5. cardiovascular considerations
  1. a involves loss of sensation at the desired site, topical application or infitration into tissues of an anesthetic agent that disrupts sensation at the level of the nerve endings, immediate area of application
  2. b prevents thrombus, embolus, and infarct, leg exercises, antiembolism stockings, sequential compression devices
  3. c teach patient about possibility of tubes, nasogastric tubes, wound evacuation units, IV, O2
  4. d incentive spirometry, prevent or treat atelectasis, improve lung expansion, improve oxygenation,
  5. e removal of hair, shave, hair clip, depilatory (nair)

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  1. patient, not hospitalized, who is being treated; ind is admitted either to a short-stay unit or directly to the surgical suite
  2. care of wound site; action and possible side effets of any medications; when and how to take them; activities allowed and prohibited; dietary restrictions and modifications; symptoms to be reported; where and when to return for follow-up care; answers to any ind questions or concerns
  3. performs surgical hand scrub; dons sterile gown and golves aseptically; arranges sterile supplies and instruments; checks instruments for poerop funcioning; counts sponges, needles and instruments with circulating nurse; gowns and gloves surgeons as they enter operating room; assists with surgical draping of patient; maintains neat and orderly sterile field; corrects break in aseptic technique; observes progress of surgical procedure; hands surgeon instruments, sponges, and necessary supplies during procedure; identifies and handles surgical specimens correctly; maintains count of sponges, needles and instruments so none will be misplaced or lost
  4. permits signed and on chart, allergies, ID band on patient, skin prep done, removal of dentures, glasses-contacts, jewelry, nail polish, hairpins, makeup, TED stocking applied, preoperative vs, preoperative medications, physical disabilities and/or diseases, history and physical an lab reports on chart
  5. level of alertness, cardiovascular and motor status

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  1. comfort measuresan artificial replacement for a missing part of the body i.e., contact lenses, dentures, jewelry


  2. exudatesubstances that have slowly seeped from cells or blood vessels through small pores or breaks in cell membranes


  3. assessment of pain subjectivethe patient's description of discomfort (scale 1-10)


  4. constructiverestores function lost or reduce as result of congenital anomalies


  5. catabolismtissue breakdown