29 terms

unit 8 emotion and motivation

fixed pattern of behavior common to all members of a species
bears hibernate because of
an instinct
instinct theory most clearly assumes that behavior is influenced by
genetic predispositions
a physiological state that triggers motivation arousal
an aroused or activated state that is often triggered by a physiological need is called a
for a thirsty person, water serves to reduce
a drive
the body's tendency to maintain a constant internal state is know as
emphasizes the importance of homeostasis in motivation
drive reduction theory
positive and negative environmental stimuli that motivate behavior are called
victims of famine will often eat unappetizing and nutritionally poor food simply to relieve their constant hunger. this is explained by
drive-reduction theory
explains why people like tho watch horror movies
arousal theory
most basic in maslows hierarchy of human motives includes need for
food and drink
maslow referred to the needs for purpose and meaning that lie beyond the self as
self transcendence
hunger controls are located in the brains
increases of ______ increases hunger
increase of ________ decreases hunger
blood sugar
ghrelin (influences appetite) is secreted by the
preference for sweet tastes are
preference for salty tastes are
solitary confinement is a form of
the basic components of emotion are
behaviors, arousal, and experience.
states to experience emotion is to be aware of our psychological responses to an emotion- arousing event
james lange theory
states that the experience of an emotion occurs simultaneously with physiological arousal
cannon bard theory
2 factor theory places more importance of ____ than james lange theory
cognitive activity
states that the two basic components of emotions are a cognitive label and physical arousal
two factor theory
hormones that increases heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar during an emergency is
arouses the body and mobilizes its energy is a stressful situation
sympathetic nervous system
slows the heart rate and accelerates digestion
parasympathetic nervous system
the secretion of stress hormones
draws energy away from immune activity