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Chapter 1 Information Computer Systems


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What is a laptop?
Mobile computer designed to fit on your lap.
What is a desktop?
is a PC designed to fit in a stationary location, all of its components should fit under a desk or table.
A computer dedicate to providing one or more services to other computers or devices on a network.
(Data) is a collection of unprocessed items which can include text, numbers and images.
conveys meaning to users.
Input device
Any hardware component that allows you to enter data and instructions into a computer or mobile device.
Input device examples ?
Keyboards, pointing devices such as a mouse, video and voice inputs such as a Webcam and microphone already on computer and SCANNERS are input devices.
Output device
Hardware component that conveys information from the device to one or more people.
Output device examples?
Printers, Displays, speakers and headphones.
Electronic components that store instructions waiting to be executed and the data needed by those instructions.
Storage media
Is used to keep data, instructions and information on a computer.
Storage media examples?
Hard disks, USB, flash drive,memory card and optical disk these are all Storage devices.
Storage device
Records/writes and or retrieves items to and from storage media . They sometimes work as both input and output devices.
Worldwide collection of computer networks that connects millions of individuals.
Consist of a worldwide collection of electronic documents.
Each electronic document is considered a webpage which can contain text, graphics, audio and video.
Collection of related webpages that are stored on a web server.
Web server
A computer that delivers requested webpage to your computer or mobile device.
Software that enables users with an Internet connection to access and view webpage on a computer or mobile device.
Short for malicious software.
Is a program, consist of a series of related instructions, organized for a common purpose. That tells the computer what tasks to perform and how.
Operating system
Set of programs that coordinates all the activities among computer or mobile device hardware.
Collection of computers and devices connected together, often wirelessly.
Cloud storage
Is an internet service that provides remote storage to computer users.
Uses short range radio signals to enable computers and devices to communicate with each other.
Is a collaborative website that allows users to create, add to, modify, or delete content via their browser.chapter 1