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Apush Quiz 1

The European explorers who followed Columbus to North America
Continued to view themselves as Europeans
The ideals that the colonists cherished as synonymous with American life included reverence for all of the following ideas except
opposition to slavery
By the 1770's, which of the following issues helped bring about a crisis of imperial authority?
Taxation, self-rule, and trade restrictions
The exsistence of a single original continent has been proved by the presence of
the discovery of nearly identical species of fish in long-separated freshwater lakes
The Great Ice Age accounted for the origins of North America's human history because
it exposed a land bridge connecting Eurasia with North America
Most likely the first Americans were
people who crossed the land bridge from Eurasia to North America
In 1492, when Europeans arrived in the Americas, the total of the two continents' populations was perhaps
54 million
Some of the more advanced Native American cultures did all of the following except
engage in significant ocean voyages of discovery
The crop that became the staple of life in Mexico and South America was
Native American civilization was least highly developed in
North America
One of the main factors that enabled Europeans to conquer native North Americans with relative ease was the
absence of dense concentrations of population or complex nation-states in North America
The development of "three sister" farming on the southeast Atlantic seaboard
produced a rich diet that led to high population densities
All of the following were original territories of North American Indian populations within the current borders of the US except
Europeans wanted to discover a new, shorter route to eastern Asia in order to
break the hold that Muslim merchants hand on trade with Asia
reduce the price of goods from Asia
gain more profits for themselves
reduce the time it too to transport goods
Before the middle of the fifteenth century, sub-Saharan Africa had remained remote and mysterious to Europeans because
sea travel down the African coast had been virtually impossible
Which groupwas responsible for slave trading in Africa long before the Europeans had arrived?
The Arabs and Africans
In the last half of the fifteenth century, some forty thousand Africans were forced into slavery by Portuagal and Spain to
work on plantations on the Atlantic sugar islands
The origins of the modern platation system can be found in the
Portuguese slave trade
Spain was united into a signle nation-state when
Ferdinand and Isabella married and the African Moors were expelled
The stage was set for a cataclysmic shift in the course of history when
Europeans clamored for more and cheaper products from Asia
Africa was established as a source of slave labor
the Portuguese demonstrated the feasibility of long-range ocean navigation
the Renaissance nurtured a spirit of optimism and adventure
In an effort to reach the Indies, Spain looked westward because
Portugal controlled the African coast
After his first voyage, Christopher Columbus believed that he had
sailed to the outskirts of the East Indies
Columbus called the native people in the "New World" Indians
because he believed that he had skirted the rim of the "Indies"
Which of the following New World plants revolutionized the international economy
Maize, Potatoes, Beans, and Tomatoes
The introduction of American plants around the world resulted in
rapid population growth in Europe
European contact with Native Americans led to
the deaths of millions of Native Americans, who had little resistance to European diseases
European explorers introduced what into the New World?
The flood of precious metal from the New World to Europe resulted in
the growth of capitalism
The institution of encomienda allowed the
European governments to give Indians to colonists if they promised to Christianize them
Men became conquistadores because they wanted to
gain God's favor by spreading Christianity
escape dubious pasts
seek adventure, as the heroes of classical antiquity had done
satisfy their desire for gold
The Aztec chief Moctezuma allowed Cortes to enter the capital of Tenochtitlan because
Montezuma believe that Cortes was the god Quetzalcoatl
Spain began to fortify and settle its North American border lands in order to
protect its domains from encroachments by England and France
As a result of Pope's Rebellion in 1680, the
Pueblo Indians destroyed every Catholic church in the province of New Mexico
The treatment of the Native Americans by the Spanish conquistadores can be described as
at times brutal and exploitative
False concept, which held the Spanish conquerors merely tortured and butchered the Indians, stole their gold, infected them with smallpox, and left little but misery behind
Black Legend