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  1. Nos gusta bucear en México.
  2. Hay relámpago.
  3. ¿Quién pesca durante el invierno?
  4. a veces
  5. nada
  1. a We like to scuba dive in Mexico.
  2. b sometimes
  3. c nothing
  4. d There's lightning.
  5. e Who fishes in the winter?

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  1. It's eighty degrees.
  2. Nobody eats at Taco Bell at 6 in the morning.
  3. Do you guys take the bus to the mall?
  4. There's a rainbow in the sky!
  5. I still have to do my homework.

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  1. ¿De quién son las tarjetas postales?Whose postcards are these?


  2. agostoAugust


  3. ¿Qué beben ustedes con los sandwiches?What's the date today?


  4. Nos gusta pescar, especialmente en el lago Michigan.We like to fish, especially in Lake Michigan.


  5. ¿Cuál es la tempuratura hoy?What's the tempurature today?