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  1. enero
  2. a veces
  3. Nadie desayuna a las cinco.
  4. Voy a los partidos sólo cuando hago la tarea.
  5. agosto
  1. a I go to games only when I do my homework.
  2. b August
  3. c January
  4. d sometimes
  5. e Nobody (No one) has breakfast at five.

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  1. We have breakfast at seven.
  2. I take the bus with my sister.
  3. There's a rainbow in the sky!
  4. What's the weather like today?
  5. Do you like to camp on (along) the beach?

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  1. Hace mal tiempo.The weather's nasty.


  2. Truena.July


  3. marzoMay


  4. Por la noche hago la tarea y después, juego los videojuegos.At night I do my homework and afterwards, I play videogames.


  5. Ayudo en casa.I help (out) at home.


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