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  1. Nos gustan las hamburguesas con papas fritas.
  2. ¿Qué beben ustedes con los sandwiches?
  3. Los estudiantes van a asistir al partido.
  4. Es el primero de junio.
  5. Se trata de ochenta grados.
  1. a It's the first of June.
  2. b It's eighty degrees.
  3. c The students are going to attend the game.
  4. d What do you guys drink with sandwiches?
  5. e We like hamburgers with french fries.

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  1. Who helps (out) with the work at home?
  2. What's the date today?
  3. We write a lot in English class.
  4. summer
  5. Nobody eats at Taco Bell at 6 in the morning.

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  1. Llovizna.It's thundering.


  2. Hace buen tiempo.It's really windy.


  3. Buceo con mi familia.It's hot.


  4. eneroFebruary


  5. Típicamente, estudiamos juntos.Typically, we study together.