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  1. Asistimos a la misa juntos.
  2. agosto
  3. ¿Quiénes comen a las once los sábados?
  4. ¿Asistes a la clase de ejercicios aeróbicos?
  5. Truena.
  1. a We attend mass together.
  2. b Who has breakfast at eleven on Saturdays?
  3. c Do you attend the aerobics class?
  4. d August
  5. e It's thundering.

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  1. It's cold.
  2. The four seasons are...
  3. It's raining (right now).
  4. Lots of beautiful tropical fish are swimming in the water.
  5. Every day I eat a peanut butter sandwich.

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  1. a vecessometimes


  2. Llovizna.It's drizzling.


  3. ¡El agua está fría!The water is cold!


  4. Hay mucho hielo afuera.It snows a lot in January.


  5. ¿Con qué frecuencia?What's the date today?