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  1. Asistimos a la misa juntos.
  2. Ella siempre recibe buenas notas.
  3. A veces escribo unos mensajes text.
  4. No como las papas fritas de Burger King nunca.
  5. mayo
  1. a We attend mass together.
  2. b Sometimes I write text messages.
  3. c May
  4. d She always gets good grades.
  5. e I never eat the fries from Burger King.

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  1. It snows a lot in January.
  2. What's the date today?
  3. It's raining (right now).
  4. The newspaper arrives at 5.
  5. I like to read the newspaper on Sundays.

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  1. Hace fresco.It's really hot.


  2. Va a ser desagradable.It's going to be nasty.


  3. abrilApril


  4. Me gusta leer, especialmente durante el verano.I like to read, especially during the summer.


  5. Esquían con nosotros.What a storm!


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