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  1. Es el primer día de verano.
  2. Hace calor.
  3. marzo
  4. Nadie desayuna a las cinco.
  5. la primavera
  1. a Nobody (No one) has breakfast at five.
  2. b It's hot.
  3. c spring
  4. d It's the first day of summer.
  5. e March

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  1. There's lots of ice outside.
  2. We're going to have a beautiful day.
  3. Where are the letters from grandma?
  4. What's the date today?
  5. Do you like to run on (along) the beach?

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  1. Todos los días hago ejercicios.Every day I do exercises.


  2. ¡Qué tormenta!What a storm!


  3. mayoMarch


  4. ¿Quién lee las tiras cómicas?We really like to read the comics.


  5. Ellos escriben cuentos interesantes.They write interesting stories.