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  1. Crusades
  2. Manors
  3. Jews
  4. Feudalism
  5. Monks
  1. a Series of wars fought over the Holy Land.
  2. b Who preserved Latin and ancient texts?
  3. c They were persecuted - blamed - after the Crusades and the Black Death.
  4. d __________ was based on an agreement between lords and vassals.
  5. e Plentiful natural resources allowed ________ to be self-supporting.

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  1. Head of the Roman Catholic Church
  2. An independent _____________ protects citizens' rights from the government.
  3. Pope Gregory VII's response to King Henry IV's disobeying him.
  4. preserved the Latin language.
  5. Because of its wealth, the Church was more powerful than _______________.

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  1. Middle AgesSeries of wars fought over the Holy Land.


  2. Seljuk TurksTheir takeover of the Holy Land prompted the First Crusade.


  3. self-sufficientBecause Europe's geography provided people with everything they needed to live, manors were able to be _______________, or able to make everything they needed.


  4. MuslimsWho preserved Latin and ancient texts?


  5. Lord - Vassal systemThey brought peace and stability to Europe, allowing towns to grow.