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  1. Lord - Vassal system
  2. Feudalism
  3. Excommunication
  4. self-sufficient
  5. Muslims
  1. a Based on the granting of land in exchange for military service.
  2. b Because Europe's geography provided people with everything they needed to live, manors were able to be _______________, or able to make everything they needed.
  3. c Who preserved ancient Greek works?
  4. d Pope Gregory VII's response to King Henry IV's disobeying him.
  5. e __________ was based on an agreement between lords and vassals.

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  1. He believed that Greek thought could coexist with Christian ideas.
  2. An independent _____________ protects citizens' rights from the government.
  3. Who preserved Latin and ancient texts?
  4. Charlemagne helped to spread ____________.
  5. preserved the Latin language.

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  1. Magna CartaBecause of its wealth, the Church was more powerful than _______________.


  2. Seljuk TurksTheir takeover of the Holy Land prompted the First Crusade.


  3. MonarchsBecause of its wealth, the Church was more powerful than _______________.


  4. LordsThey brought peace and stability to Europe, allowing towns to grow.


  5. JewsThey were persecuted - blamed - after the Crusades and the Black Death.


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