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a ban or curse, often eclesiastical (religious) in nature, a natrural catastrophe; also used to denote an object of intense dislike.


to ridicule, laugh at with contempt rather than the healthy laugh of enjoyment; to make fun of something


very wicked, offensive, hateful


to attack or fight with words as in an argument or to challenge something as false


lighthearted joking, talk, or writing; derisive banter; a frivolouse style of writing or speaking


scornful, cynical, or bitterly mocking


to emit quick flashes as if throwing off sparks. Apply the word to something that sparkles, literally like fireworks, or figuratively, like a bright eye or a witty remark


a mark or symbol of shame, disgrace or infamy, usually identifies a person as one who is guilty of wrongdoing or dishonor.


a trick used in war to fool the enemy, a tricky maneuver; also a deception or ruse


to induce secretly the commission of an unlawful act; to persuade to act unlawfully (especially to commit perjury)

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