11 terms

10A Static Elctricity and Electric Fields

Ch. 10 Pg. 226-230
Electrostatic Force
The field force exerted by electrical charges; it may be repulsive or attractive depending on the kinds of charges interacting
Law of Charges
Like charges repel; unlike charges attract
an inclination to attract or associate
SI unit for electrical charge
Charles Coulomb
a prominent French mathematician and theoretical physicist
Electrical Insulators
a material that does not easily conduct electricity; example: wool and glass
Electrical Conductors
the flow of an electrical current through a conductor; example metals
Lines of Force
Imaginary lines used to model electric and magnetic fields; Their density and direction represent the strength and direction of the field force at any point in the field
Field Strength
represented by the distance between the lines of force
Electrical Induction
Electricity generated from a changing magnetic field or a magnetic field generated by an electrical current
A neutral molecule whose electrons have shifted to form positive and negative ends, or poles; example : water