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World Geo.-Africa Unit-Vocab. (ellebo's)

nile river
world's longest river. headwaters (start)-lake victoria, mouth/delta (end)-mediterainean sea, cairo, egypt
madagscar island
world's 4th longest island-also a country
great east african rift valley
region of tectonic activity in e.africa caused by the plates diverging (separating)
lowest point in africa
dji boutis lak assal 571 ft below sea level-part of gearvs
highest point in africa
mt. kilimanjaro-14,340 ft kenya/tanzania border. a volcano-part of gearvs
special valley/depression formed by the surrounding land diverging (separating) ex: the many lakes of gearvs
special valley/depression formed by the surrounding land diverging (separating) ex: the many lakes of gearvs
sahara desert
world's largest desert covering 1/3 of africa-as large as contiguous us
geographic term for blowing silt of sand-sahara loess gets blown across the atlantic to the america's
geographic term for sand dune
big daddy
world's largest erg-1,100 ft in the namib desert in namibia
largest city in africa (population)
cairo, egypt. approx 14 million
largest country in africa
nigeria-98th largest in world. approx 155 million
pharoah scorpian I's tomb
hyroglyphics carved into bone fragments discovered and dated to 3300 BC (5300 yrs ago)- oldest human writing ever found
meso( between) potamia(river), ancient iraq between tigris and eurpgrates rivers in iraq-one of the world's oldest civilizations
ancient writing system of mesopotamia wedge shapes pressed into clay tablets-oldest sample dates back to 3200 BC (5200 yrs ago)
fertile crescent
considered the cradle of world civilization . includes the river of the tigris/euprates (mesopotamia-iraq), jordon (israel) and the nile (egypt)
meaning of the world's oldest writing
reciepts for taxes paid to the pharaoh scorpian I. he may have been the first pharaoh of a unified egypt
islamic north africa
arab spring 2011
wave of pro-democracy revolts that led to three north-african dictators being overthrown in 2011 in tunisia he fled in egypt he was arrested) and in libya he was killed
shariah law
strict interpretation of islam practiced by islamic fundamentalists (extremists)
timbucktu, mali
ancient trade center in maghreb founded by tuareg herders. today the word "timbucktu" means any far way place (middle of nowhere)
nomadic herders of north america (berbers) in the sahara
zalahari (zahahiri)
new leader of the al quida (osama bin laden's terrorist organization)
col. gadhafi
former dictator of libya and enemy overthrown and killed by his own people during the Arab Spring revolts 2011
panam 103
flight from london to newyork city deceber 1988 it blew up over scotland by a libyan bomb placed on board-worst terrorist attack against usa until 9/11
nato airwar over libya 2011
nato warplanes (including american) bombed gadhafi's forces leading to his overthrow by libyan rebels on the ground
arabic word for shore-southern shore (edge) of the sahara-geographic boundary between the two main parts of africa-north america and sub-sahara africa
desertification in sahel
combo of droughts and growing population in the sahel-means the sahara is expanding southward
religion in which people believe in the presence of the spirits and forces of nature-common sub saharan africa and japan (shinto)
lost boys of sudan
large group of about ten thousand orphaned southern sudanese boys who fled to kenya (became refugees) to escape the genocide from the north in 1990s-some got permission to come to the usa
south sudan
broke away from maghreb northern sudan in 2011 after five decades of fighting and genocide
operation restore hope 1992
us soldiers were sent to samalia to make sure donated food-aid got to starving somalians ended in 1993 after the battle of mogadishu when us army blackhawk helicopters were shot down
somali pirates
they launch raids from somalia (horn of africa) taking of ships and demanding ransom money
maersk alabama
us ship hijacked by somalia pirates in 2009-rescued by navy seals
berlin conference 1884
european powers settle colonial disputes in africa all african lands were colonized by europeans except ethopia and liberia
rwandan genocide 1994
two rival african tribes, the hutus and the tutsis, engaged in enocide against eachother
the orphanage that roz carr established for orphans of the rwandan genocide, word means "motherly love"
well known tanzanian tropical resort island in the indian ocean
lingua franca (commonly used language) of eastern africa
jane goodall
british scientist-world's leading export on chimps, she has a research park in w.tazania on lake tanganyika
serengeti plain park
large national park in tanzania famous for its diversity in wildlife
tropical grasslands, ex: serengeti plain/park
human welfare (standard of living) in africa
lowest in world, primarily because most african countries are in the developing world and are extremely poor
hiv/aids pandemic in subsaharan africa
about 75% of all hiv/aids cases in the world are in subsaharan africa, major health issue there
philanthropist bill gates
he's the richest american and is now giving away his wealth to various causes-ex: donated 100 million dollars to try to find hiv vaccine
pres. gw bush's emergency program for aids relief
first bill funded $15 billion for aids medications for africa-renewed in 2008 for $30 billion more
disease spread by mosquitos that is common in the tropics but especially bad in subsaharan africa-leading cause of death of young children in africa-baby snatcher of africa
botswana's diamonds
world's leading producer of diamonds-native kalahari bushmen are being evicted fro their lands as the mining operations expand
racial segreghation system of south africa-ended in 1990s
white south afrikana mostly british and dutch-afrikaans is a south africa dialect-blend of english and dutch
reservations where the native black south africans were forced to live during apartheid era-some are now ind. nations
mandela's 90th bday celebrations 46664 concert in london
2008 concert -46664 was mandela's prison cell number-thats how many tickets were sold to benefit his 46664 charity
kofi aman
leader of the united nations from 1999 to 2007 from ghana-winner of nobel peace prize