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  1. Fiends
  2. Infamous
  3. Artful
  4. Solace
  5. Hack
  1. a Having a reputation of the worst kind; Disgraceful
  2. b Wicked people; Devils; Demons
  3. c To comfort or cheer
  4. d One who forfeits professional integrity for money
  5. e skillful, clever, tricky

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  1. A recurrence; Renewal; Resumption of an action
  2. Foreshadowing evil
  3. White with age; Old
  4. Attempt to trick
  5. To command by law or order

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  1. FurrowFoggy; Smokey


  2. CourtierTo grow; Thrive


  3. PaganHeathen; One with little religion


  4. VexationA recurrence; Renewal; Resumption of an action


  5. ThrashingTo beat with a whip or stick


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