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  1. Pagan
  2. Loathe
  3. Lament
  4. Decree
  5. Flourish
  1. a To grow; Thrive
  2. b To mourn or express sorrow
  3. c Heathen; One with little religion
  4. d Detest; Hate
  5. e To command by law or order

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  1. To extinguish; Put out; To relieve with liquid
  2. To cause irritation
  3. A recurrence; Renewal; Resumption of an action
  4. to move suddenly
  5. To take great pleasure or delight in

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  1. MurkyOne who forfeits professional integrity for money


  2. MournfulSorrowful


  3. InfamousHaving a reputation of the worst kind; Disgraceful


  4. FiendsWicked people; Devils; Demons


  5. OminousHaving a reputation of the worst kind; Disgraceful