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Strengthen the State
battle cry of the progressives
Henry Demarest Lloyd
charged headlong into the Standard Oil Company with his book Wealth Against Commonwealth
Thorstein Veblen
assailed the new rich with his prickly pen in The Theory of the Leisure Class
Jacob A. Riis
Danish immigrant and reporter for the New York Sun, who shocked mid-class Americans in 1890 with How the Other Half Lives (about slums)
Theodore Dreiser
battered promoters and profiteers in The Financier and The Titan
Lillian Wald
feminist in New York who led the fight to improve family living and working in cities
magazine dirt-diggers
Lincoln Steffens
brilliant NY reporter who launhced a series of articles in McClure's titled "The Shame of the Cities"
Ida M. Tarbell
journalist who published expose of the Standard Oil Company
Thomas W. Lawson
speculator who had made 50mill on stock market himself and exposed his accomplices in Frenzied Finance
David G. Phillips
wrote series The Treason of the Senate
Harvey W. Wiley
chief chemist of the Dpmt of Agriculture who performed experiments on himself with his famous "Poison Squad"
17th Amendment
established the direct election of US senators
Galveston, Texas
pioneered expert staffed commissions that managed urban affairs
the state that was a laboratory of reform
Robert M. (Fighting Bob) La Follette
gov of Wisconsin who was the most militant of progressive Republican leaders
Hiram W. Johnson
Repub gov of CA that helped break dominant grip of the Southern Pacific Railroad on CA politics
Charles Evans Hughes
reformist Repub gov of NY who gained national fame as investigator of malpractices
Women's Trade Union Leagues, National Consumers League, Children's Bureau, Women's Bureau
Through which organizations did Female activists agitate?
Florence Kelley
former resident of Hull House; became first chief factory inspector of Illinois; took control of National Consumers League
National Consumers League
mobilized female consumers to pressure for laws safeguarding women and children in the workplace
Muller v. Oregon
Louis D. Brandeis persuaded S. Ct to accept constitutionality of laws protecting women workers by presenting evidence of harmful effects on women's weaker bodies
Lochner v. New York
invalidated a NY law establishing a 10hr day for bakers
Triangle Shirtwaist Company
in NYC; many died from violations of the fire code
Anti-Saloon League
ally of the WCTU in antiliquor campaigning
control of the corporations, consumer protection, conservation of natural resources
what were the 3 C's that Roosevelt embraced?
George F. Baer
spokesman of mine owners that reflected ungerous employers
Department of Commerce and Labor
created in 1903 - idea of Roosevelt
Bureau of Corporations
authorized to probe businesses engaged in interstate commerce
Interstate Commerce Commission
proved to be inadequate
Elkins Act
heavy fines could now be imposed both on railroads that gave rebates and shippers that accepted them
Hepburn Act of 1906
free passes were severely restricted
Northern Securities Company
challenged by Roosevelt; railroad holding company organized by JP Morgan and James J Hill
William Howard Taft
actually busted more trusts than TR
Upton Sinclair
wrote The Jungle; described the unsanitation of food products
Meat Inspection Act
decreed that the preparation of meat shipped over state lines would be subject to fed inspection
Pure Food and Drug Act
designed to prevent the adulteration and mislabeling of foods and pharmaceuticals
Desert Land Act
fed govmt sold arid land cheaply on the condition that the purchaser irrigate the soil within 3 years
Forest Reserve Act
most successful act of conservation; authorized prez to set aside public forests as national parks and other reserves
Carey Act
distributed federal land to the states on the condition that it be irrigated and settled
Gifford Pinchot
head of the federal Division of Forestry
Newlands Act
authorized govmt to collect money from the sale of public lands in the sun-baked western states and then use these funds for development of irrigation projects
Roosevelt Dam
constructed on AZ's Salt River, financed by Newlands Act
what happened with Hetch Hetchy Valley?
there was a lot of quarrel over whether to dam it up. However, it eventually was dammed.
Aldrich-Vreeland Act
authorized national banks to issue emergency currency backed by various kinds of collateral
What was the square deal?
this was Teddy Roosevelt's plan of progressivism
the object of Taft's most spectacular effort to inject the reluctant dollar into the Far Eastern theater
Philander C. Knox
Sec of State who proposed that a group of US and foreign bankers buy the Manchurian railroads and turn them over to China under a self-liquidating arrangement but was rejected
rule of reason
the famous S. Ct doctrine that held that only combinations that "unreasonably" restrained trade were illegal
Nelson W. Aldrich
senator of Rhode Island who led reactionaries that tacked on lots of tariff revisions
Payne-Aldrich Bill
signed by Taft, betraying his campaign promises
Bureau of Mines
established by Taft to control mineral resources
What happened in the Ballinger-Pinchot quarrel?
this quarrel was became Ballinger was supporting corporations, and Pinchot disagreed, but then Taft fired Pinchot, leading people to think Taft was against convservationism
New Nationalism
doctrine that urged the national govmt to increase its power to remedy economic and social abuses
Victor L. Berger
Socialist representative elected to the House
National Progressive Republican league
formed early in 1911 with Senator La Follette as its leading candidate for the Repub nomination