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Por Usage 1

Express gratitude or apology

Por Usage 2

Multiplication and Division

Por Usage 3

For velocity and frequency or proportion

Por Usage 4

Meaning along, by, through, or in the area of

Por Usage 5

When talking about exchange, including sales

Por Usage 6

To mean or on behalf of, in favor of

Por Usage 7

To express the length of time

Por Usage 8

To express an undetermined or general time meaning during

Por Usage 9

For means of communication or transport

Por Usage 10

In case of mistaken identity meaning to be seen as

Por Usage 11

To show the reason for an errand with ir, pasar, mandar, volver, and preguntar

Por Usage 12

When followed by an infinitive to express an action that remains to be completed

Por Usage 13

To express cause or reason

Por Usage 14

"Estar Por" to be in the mood, or inclined to do something

Por Usage 15

In passive constructions

Por Usage 16

Idiomatic Expressions

Para Usage 1

To indicate destination

Para usage 2

To show the use or purpose of a thing

Para Usage 3

To mean "In order to", for the purpose of

Para Usage 4

To indicate recipient

Para Usage 5

To express a deadline or specific time

Para Usage 6

To express a contrast from what is expected

Para Usage 7

"Estar Para" to express an action that will soon be completed

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