Drill Press Safety Review

10 terms by i0406526

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Drill Pad

Never do any drilling that will go through the bottom of your piece without having a _________ underneath.


Large drill bits, and all hole saw run at the ________ speed.


Small drill bits run at the _________ speed.


Mount the bit securely in the __________ of the chuck.


If holding work by hand it should be ____-_____.

Hair , Clothing

Loose _____ or long ______ must be secured before going near the drill press.

Chuck Key

Never leave the _______ in the machine.

Completely Stopped

If the bit gets stuck, shut the machine off and wait for it to _____________, before removing your material from the bit.


Maintain a ____ inch margin of safety.

Table , Feed Strokes

Adjust the _____ and _____ so there is no chance of the bit drilling into the table.

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