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Ch 3 Stress Management

Health review
Response by your body and mind when challenged or threatened
Causes of stress
Situations, events, or people making demands on your body and mind
A stressor
An event of a situation that causes stress
Warning signs of stress:
Eating disorders; reckless behaviors; withdrawal
Changes in thinking due to stress:
Can't concentrate; negative thoughts; excessive worry
Positive stress
Physical changes due to stress:
Tense muscles; increased heart rate; upset stomach
Negative stress
Emotional changes due to stress:
Irritable; angry; impatient; nervous
Stages of stress
1. Alarm - initial reaction
2. Resistance - body adapts
3. Exhaustion - drained of energy
Fight or flight response
A series of physical changes that prepare the body to react to stress
Healthy ways to deal with stress
Eat well; exercise regularly; express your feelings;
say "No" to alcohol and drugs
The signs of stress take what kinds of forms?
Physical signs; Emotional signs; Behavioral signs