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EKG practice test

These cards are to help you study for an EKG certification test
The fibrous sac covering the heart, which is in contact with the pleura is the :
The heart ventricle with the thicker myocardium....
The pulmonic and aortic valves open during systole or diastole?
The large blood vessel that returns unoxygenated blood from the head and neck to the right atrium is called...
superior vena cava
The coronary sinus, which opens into the right atrium, allows return from which layer of the heart?
The saw tooth pattern is indicative of which rhythm?
atrial flutter
The mitral valve is located between the...
left atrium and left ventricle
This part of the conduction system of the heart is located at the superior portion of the inter ventricular septum and has the ability to function as a pacemaker with an intrinsic firing rate of 40-60 beats per minute.
bundle of his
This represent the time it take for electrical impulses to travel from the atria to the AV node, bundle of his, bundle branches and to the purkinje fibers.
QT interval
Which is an indication of stress testing?
A. angina at rest
B. acute myocardial infarction
C. severe hypertension
D. evaluation of chest pain in a patient with normal baseline EKG.
Evaluation of chest pain in a patient with normal baseline EKG
This agency requires basic practices to protest any employee in the working place from different types of hazards.
This medication is usually given to all patients with angina pectoris, causes vasodilation and protects the tissues from hypoxia.
what are the functions of the musculoskeletal system?
support and movement
Wet floors, heavy lifting can cause falling, sprains and strain, these are all examples of which hazard?
What is a noninvasive diagnostic procedure to determine indirectly the presence of severity of coronary artery disease and the heart muscle lack of blood supply?
stress test
A stress test is performed by...
exercise and resting
This type of testing is done by administering medication that cause increase in HR while hooked to an EKG monitor.
pharmacological stress testing
While the 12-lead EKG is recorded usually every _____ seconds during exercise and every _______in the recovery period post exercise.
90 sec/1min
What is the formula to calculate the target HR when performing an EKG test?
220- person's age
When are pharmacological stress test advisable?
for patients with physical limitations or elderly
When is a pharmacologic stress test concluded?
when 85% of the THR is acheived
The QRS of waves of premature complexes are usually ______ seconds or less
Examples of intentional torts are:
assault, battery, false imprisonment, and invasion of privacy
What year was the patients bill of rights created?
These are instructions given by individuals specifying what actions should be taken for their health in the event that they are no longer capable to make the proper decisions due to an illness or incapacitating condition
advance directives
The most appropriate initial w/s for defibrillating ventricular fibrillation in an adult is...
360 J
The most apprpiate treatment of uncomplicated acute myocardial infarction is:
the coronary arteries receive oxygenated blood from the
In the prehospital field we administer IV fluid to a cardiac patients in order to:
provide a lifeline
The chambers of the heart the are thin walled and pump against low pressure are the:
The sinoatrial node is located in the:
right atrium
The av node is located in the
atrioventricular septum
the intrinsic firing rate of the AV node is _______________ per minute
the intrinsic firing rate of the sa node in adult is _______________per minute
The PR interval should normally be _______ seconds or smaller
The QRS interval should normally be _____________ seconds or smaller
What are the upper chambers of the heart called?
A sinus rhythm with cyclic variation caused by alterations in the respiratory patter is:
sinus dysrhythmia
A sudden onset of tachycardia with a stimulus that arises above the AV node refers to a
supraventricular dysrhytmia
The QRS complex is produced when...
ventricles depolarize and contract
Most atrial fibrillation waves are not followed by a QRS complex because the....
AV junction is unable to conduct all the excitations impulses
When the EKG shows no relationship between the P wave and the QRS complex you should suspect...
third degree block
signs and symptoms that may be observed in a patient with necrotic heart tissue could be...
-congestive heart failure
-cardiogenic shock
Wenckeback differs from the complete heart block in that CHB has a...
regular R-R interval
The T-wave in the EKG strips represents...
rest period
The coronary sinus has how many arteries?
PEA or pulseless electrical activity may be manifested by a...
normal EKG and absent pulse
The function of the chordae tendinae and papillary muscles is to...
prevents back flow of blood into atrium
Lead 2 is most commonly used in prehospital area because...
it illustrates good P-waves
The ability of certain cardiac cells to initiate excitation impulses spontaneously is called:
If a known coronary bypass patient suffers a cardiac arrest, the health care provider should...
provide CPR in the same manner as for any other patient
The expected rate of a junctional escape rhythm is _________bpm
when interpreting dysrhythmias the most import an key is...
patients clinical appearance
In order to obtain a 2-lead EKG strip you should apply _____leads
The uppermost portion of the heart is known as the ________
The most common causes of poor EKG tracings are
patient movement and loose leads or electrodes
the primary treatment for multifoval PVC's is
The innermost lining of the heart is contiguous wuthe the visceral pericardium and is called the...
the right and left atria are separate anatomically by the...
interatrial septum
the right atrium receives blood from the myocardium via the....
great cardiac vein
Which are 2 examples of the AV valves?
tricuspid and bicuspid
The amount of blood ejected by the heart in one cardiac contraction is known as...
stoke volume
The pressure in the ventricle at the end of diastole is referred to as...
the parasympathetic nervous system is mediated by the tenth cranial nerve which runs from the brain stem to the rectum. this nerve is called?
An EKG strip illustrates a regular rhythm, a HW of 70 and QRS complies that are within normal limits. P waves are variable in configuration across the strip. This rhythm is identified as a...
wandering atrial pacemaker
a progressing PR interval until such time as that a QRs is dropped is considered to be...
second degree AV block, mobitz type 1
an abnormality in conduction through the ventricles may be identified on the EKG tracing by an...
wide and bizarre QRS complex