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"Greenwich Mean Time" is also know as

Universal Time Coordinated

How many degrees latitude are there between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn


The Greenwich Meridian is also known as the

Prime Meridian

The world is divided into _______ standard zones


Which is known as the great circle

The equator

The maximum distance between Earth and Sun occurs in July and is called the


The altitudinal difference (relief) between the top of the tallest mountain and the bottom of the deepest ocean trench is CLOSEST to ________ kilometers.


The Earth/Sun aphelion occurs once per year during the month of


The most important physical effect of the Earth's rotation is

the alternation of sunlight and darkness

The solid, inorganic portion of the Earth system is known as the


The Earth is one of ________ planets in the solar system


The most famous and, undoubtedly, most widely used of all the map projections is the ________ projection


largest scales=

1:smaller number

The relationship between the map distance and the corresponding distance on the ground is known as the


The "false color" imagery of some aerial photographs is also termed

Color IR

The main component of the lower atmosphere by total volume is


A major characteristic of the troposphere is the

decrease of temperature with increasing altitude

The third most plentiful gas in the Earth's lower atmosphere is


Oxygen (O2) is being added to the atmosphere by


The ________ is the layer of the atmosphere where electrified atoms are plentiful.


The main impact of ozone on life on the Earth's surface is to

reduce ultraviolet solar radiation

It is thought that the Earth's climate is being changed rapidly by

human-caused releases of impurities

"Weather" and "climate"

refer to the atmosphere as studied on different time scales.

The order of the atmospheric thermal layers from the surface up into the atmosphere is

troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere.

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