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Ch. 1 (The Beginnings of Human Society) Study guide

What 3 things did scientists study to learn more about the Iceman's Life?
Clothing / Tools / Body
Written Records of the past
Before writing
studies Humans past
oral traditions
stories told by mouth (talking)
why are oral traditions not historically accurate?
Stories change over the years each time they are told
Why do historians use oral traditions then?
Tell us what was important before there was writing
study of Earth's surface
what is an example of geography's effect on history
Understanding why events happened
early humans
Stone Age
Stone tools
what were the three periods of the stone age?
1. Old stone age 2. Middle Stone age 3. New Stone age
How did humans get their food during the Old Stone Age?
Hunting and gathering
What were some advantages of learning to use fire?
Keep warm / Protect against animals
people who move from place to place in search of food
when and where do scientists believe modern humans originated?
The new Stone Age began when man learned to?
adapt plants/animals for human use
what were some advantages from domesticating animals?
Helped with hunting / sources of food
water system (water crops)
more than what is needed
what kinds of things resulted from having surplus food during the New Stone Age?
population growth
worker who is skilled with their hands
what was necessary for farming settlements to develop into cities?
source of water (rivers, lakes...)
Name some ways cities were different from farming settlements?
Large buildings / large population
1. government 2. Artisans 3. social classes
4. Language
why was the discovery of bronze important?
ended the stone age / Build better tools
what important invention was developed around 3500B.C. ?
wheel + axle
How were goods, tools, and ideas shared in ancient world?
social class
a group that is made up of people with similar backgrounds, income, and ways of living
List some characteristics of a civilization?
1. writing 2. Government (Rules) 3. Social class
4. diversified jobs