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adj. 1. Growing or living in or on water. 2. Done in or upon water.


v. To say firmly; to declare. ASSERTION n. A firm statement or declaration. ASSERTIVE adj. Self-assured; bold and confident.


v. 1. To turn away. 2. To keep from happening.


adj. 1. Without much hope. 2. Cold and dreary; exposed to cold winds and bad weather.


adj. 1. Cheerful; carefree. 2. Not showing proper care; heedless. BLITHELY adv. In a carefree manner.


adj. Well behaved; easy to handle.


v. To keep on becoming less; to grow smaller in number or amount.


adj. Causing, or capable of causing, death.


v. To watch closely and frequently; to observe and make note. n. A video screen used to display information.


v. v. To hurt or damage by cutting into, cutting off, or cutting out.


adj. 1. Able to move quickly and easily. 2. Showing quickness of thinking; clever.


n. A difficult or dangerous condition or situation.


adj. Heavy and slow moving.


n. An edge, border, or brink. v. To come close to the edge or border of.


adj. Watchful; ready for danger.

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