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Circulation and Body Defense c.

This node also called the "Pacemaker" initiates the heartbeats by generating action potenial at regular intervals??
Sinoarial Node
The second node, located in the interatrial septum and the bottom of the right atrium is called??
Atrioventricular Node
Also know as the "Bundle of His" located at the top of the interventricular septum, has branches that extend to all parts of the ventricular walls??
Atrioventricular Bundle
Also called "Conduction Myofibers", these travel in a branching network throughout the myocardium of the ventricals??
Purkinje Fibers
A normal heart rhythm originating in the SA node is called??
Sinus Rhythm
The slow heart rate of lower then 60 beats/minute is called??
The heart rate of more then 100 beats/minute is called??
Changes in the heart rate caused by depth of breathing is called??
Sinus Arrhythmia
Also called "Extrasystole" is the beat that comes before the normal heart beat??
Premature Beat
Abnormal sound caused by any structural change in the heart or vessels is called??
Organic Murmur
Inflammation of the hearts lining??
Inflammation of the heart muscle??
Inflammation of the serous membrane on the hearts surface as well as the pericardial sac??
A condition present at birth in the heart??
Congenital Heart Disease
Disease that involves the walls of the blood vessels that supply the heart muscles??
Coronary Artery Disease