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n. A playful or funny act.


n. Clothes, especially fine and expensive clothes.
v. To dress up or be dressed up.


v. To please greatly; to win over by special charm.


adj. Quick and sure; skillful at handling.


adj. Working with great care and effort


n. The total or partial hiding of one heavenly body by another.
v. To do or be better than; to outshine.


v. To develop and change gradually over time.


adj. Having from birth; occuring naturally rather than being learned.


v. To write, print, or etch into as a permanent record.


n. The way one holds one's body; a pose or position.
v. To assume a particular position, especially a pretend one.


n. 1. Something that covers or hides from view.
2. Cloth used to wrap a dead body before burial.
v. To block from sight.


v. 1. To cut off the air from; to smother.
2. To hold back; to check.


adj. Not fully worked out or final; hesitating or uncertain.


adj. Calm; peaceful.


adj. Able to do many different things or to be used in many different ways.

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