Unit 4 Cell Test Review


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What is the main function of mitochondria?
To produce energy in the cell.
What is the cytoplasm made of? Where is it found?
Gel like fluid. Takes up most of the space in the cell.
What is the main function of vacuole?
Storing material (food and water) in the cell.
What is the main function of cell membrane?
Acts like a security guard that controls what enters and leaves the cell.
What is the main function of chloroplast?
Transform sunlight into food for the plant through photosynthesis. NOT found in an animal cell.
What is the main function of nucleus? Where is the nucleus located?
Contains DNA and directs the cell's activities-just like the president. Located in the center of the cell.
What is the main function of cell wall?
To protect and support the cell.
What is the main function of a flagella? (TAIL)
What 2 organelles are present in a plant cell and not in an animal cell? Why?
Cell wall - needed for structure and support.
Chloroplast - needed to trap sunlight to undergo photosynthesis.
What shape is a plant cell? Draw a simple sketch.
Rectangular or square.
Directs the cell's activities
Nucleus Brain/President
Protects and supports the cell.
Cell wall Fence
Small sacs that contain digestive enzymes that break down the cell parts like stomach acid breaks down food in the stomach.
Lysosomes Stomach Acid
Allows "visitors" to enter and exit.
Cell Membrane Security Guard
Explain cell theory.
All cells come from other cells.
A cell is the basic unit of structure and function.
All living things are composed of one or more cells.
Define cell.
Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things.
Define organelle. Give 3 examples.
Small, organ-like structures inside the cell that help the cell to perform the functions that sustain life.
List 3 cellular functions.
Getting rid of waste.
Making new cells for growth and repair.
Releasing energy from food.
What would happen if a cell's nucleus was damaged or destroyed?
The cell would die.
What is common of all living things?
They are made up of or composed of one or more cells.
What cell structure would help a plant maintain homeostasis or balance in the desert?
Vacuole because they store water.
Heterotrophic: Must consume other organisms for energy; animals.
Autotrophic: Make their own food; producers or plants.
Prokaryotic: Single-celled organisms; bacteria.
Eukaryotic: Multicellular organisms; plant and animals.
What is mean (Hint: math class)? How do you calculate mean?
The mean is the average; to calculate, you add up all the numbers and divide by how many there are.
What organelle must a plant cell contain to be a producer?
Which structure of a plant would contain cells with chloroplasts?
Which instrument or scientific tool contributed to the formation of the cell theory?