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  1. where on st. croix is Bulowsminde located
  2. the labor rebellion of 1878 began at the
  3. general buddhoe and martin king worked quietly
  4. Laurance Rockefeller opened an environmentally focused hotel
  5. on which islands was the capitol of the danish west indies in 1848
  1. a at Caneel Bay on St. John, USVI
  2. b Beeston Hill
  3. c frederiksted fort
  4. d planning the revolt of 1848
  5. e st. croix

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  1. Cudjo
  2. the Rockerfellers
  3. 1927
  4. every 2 years
  5. people could not deep the plans among themselves.

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  1. the labor act of 1979 forced laborers to sign a yearly contract to work fromoctober 1, to september 30th each year


  2. where was the 1st Danish school builtLaGrand Princess


  3. on which island is 2/3 of its space a National ParkSt. John


  4. by 1733 this company had pruchased st. thomas, st. croix, and st. johnTransfer Day


  5. Name the individual who wrote the VI MarchTransfer Day