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  1. even though the 1733 rebellion was not totally successful it was an important step towards the freedom
  2. name the holiday celebrated by virgin islanders in commeration of slave being granted their freedom
  3. the central factory opened in
  4. Which country sold the DWI to the US
  5. Name the individual who wrote the VI March
  1. a christiansted in 1877
  2. b Alton A. Adams
  3. c Denmark
  4. d of slaves inthe danish west indies
  5. e Emancipation Day

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  1. the Rockerfellers
  2. planning the revolt of 1848
  3. all other black people would be free twelve years later
  4. Transfer Day
  5. for protection of the Panama Canal

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  1. the labor act of 1979 forced laborers to sign a yearly contract to work fromoctober 1, to september 30th each year


  2. Name the holiday celebrated on November 1David Hamilton Jackson Day


  3. name the proclamation that made Sunday a free day1843 proclamation


  4. who were the owners of BulowsmindeAnna Heegaard and Peter Von Scholten


  5. where was the 1st Danish school builtfor protection of the Panama Canal