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  1. name the holiday celebrated by virgin islanders in commeration of slave being granted their freedom
  2. who is the delegate to congress
  3. Emancipation Day
  4. Maroon Society
  5. on which islands was the capitol of the danish west indies in 1848
  1. a July 3, 1848
  2. b Donna Christiansen
  3. c st. croix
  4. d Emancipation Day
  5. e a community of run away slaves

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  1. Beeston Hill
  2. he was one of the first virgin islanders on the main land who gave financial support and
  3. the danish west indies and Gunie company
  4. King Fredrick V
  5. st. croix

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  1. list the leaders of the 1878 rebellionQueen Mary, Queen Matilda, Queen Agnes


  2. name the group of African slaves who rebelled on the island of St. John in 1733The Amina


  3. when Virgin Islanders received their citizenshipDonna Christiansen


  4. How often are senators electedchristiansted in 1877


  5. even though the 1733 rebellion was not totally successful it was an important step towards the freedomfrederiksted fort


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