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  1. name the proclamation that made Sunday a free day
  2. identify Casper Holstein
  3. identify David Hamilton Jackson
  4. Name the individual who wrote the VI March
  5. list the leaders of the 1878 rebellion
  1. a Alton A. Adams
  2. b Printed the Herald
  3. c Queen Mary, Queen Matilda, Queen Agnes
  4. d he was one of the first virgin islanders on the main land who gave financial support and
  5. e 1843 proclamation

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  1. frederiksted fort
  2. every 2 years
  3. the danish west indies and Gunie company
  4. 1927
  5. 87

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  1. on which islands was the capitol of the danish west indies in 1848their freedom


  2. Emancipation Daya community of run away slaves


  3. name the first elected and last appointed governor of the VITransfer Day


  4. Name the holiday celebrated on November 1David Hamilton Jackson Day


  5. the years 1754-1815 were feferred to as the Golden Days of st. croix becausesugar plantations were prosperous