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  1. list the leaders of the 1878 rebellion
  2. how many estate were burn during the 1878 rebellion
  3. the west africa rebels held control of most of st. john for approximately
  4. name the proclamation that made Sunday a free day
  5. at the beginning of the 1733 revolt, leaders used these two signals to let the others know that they had arrived at the forth
  1. a six months
  2. b 87
  3. c 1843 proclamation
  4. d the firing of cannons and the sound of the talking drums
  5. e Queen Mary, Queen Matilda, Queen Agnes

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  1. The Amina
  2. every 2 years
  3. Ornen
  4. David Hamilton Jackson Day
  5. Denmark

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  1. name the holiday celebrated by virgin islanders in commeration of slave being granted their freedomEmancipation Day


  2. by 1733 this company had pruchased st. thomas, st. croix, and st. john1927


  3. where on st. croix is Bulowsminde locatedBeeston Hill


  4. Maroon SocietyJuly 3, 1848


  5. Identify General Buddhoehe was one of the first virgin islanders on the main land who gave financial support and