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  1. on what date in history was the slaves in the danish west indies granted their freedom
  2. Name the holiday celebrated on November 1
  3. F'Sted is names in honor of
  4. at the beginning of the 1733 revolt, leaders used these two signals to let the others know that they had arrived at the forth
  5. the name of the family which owned the largest privately owned parcel of land in the islands of st. croix until about five years ago
  1. a July 3, 1848
  2. b King Fredrick V
  3. c the Rockerfellers
  4. d the firing of cannons and the sound of the talking drums
  5. e David Hamilton Jackson Day

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  1. their freedom
  2. every 2 years
  3. Anna Heegaard and Peter Von Scholten
  4. Queen Mary, Queen Matilda, Queen Agnes
  5. July 3, 1848

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  1. name the govenor of the danish west indies during the 1848 slave rebellionpeter vanscholten


  2. list one reason why conspiracies were unsuccessfulpeople could not deep the plans among themselves.


  3. Why was the VI purchasedfor protection of the Panama Canal


  4. identify Casper Holsteinhe was one of the first virgin islanders on the main land who gave financial support and


  5. in 1848 under the leadership of Toussaint L'Ouverture, the dominica republic becameQueen Mary, Queen Matilda, Queen Agnes


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