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  1. What is the 4th Amendment?
  2. What is the 8th Amendment?
  3. Who is the Secretary of State of New York?
  4. Who is the Secretary of Treasury
  5. What is the 1st Amendment?
  1. a Unreasonable Search and Seizures
  2. b Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  3. c Timothy Geithner
  4. d 1) Freedom of Speech
    2) Freedom of Religion
    3) Freedom of Assembly
    4) Freedom of Press
    5) Freedom of Petition
  5. e Hillary Clinton

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  1. 538
  2. Charles Schumer, Kirstin Gillibrand
  3. 6 years
  5. Andrew Cuomo

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  1. New Jersey v. TLONO mandatory prayer or Bible-reading IN PUBLIC SCHOOLs


  2. What is the 2nd Amendment?Unreasonable Search and Seizures


  3. Schenck v. United StatesDuring Smith Act; had CONSPIRACY TO OVERTHROW GOVT


  4. Engel v. VitaleNO mandatory prayer or Bible-reading IN PUBLIC SCHOOLs


  5. Name 3 federal powersPower to...
    1) Provide Safety (police)
    2) Provide Education (schools)
    3) Give a Driver's License
    4) Intrastate Commerce