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  1. Unitary Gov
  2. Socialism
  3. Monarchy
  4. EU
  5. Democracy
  1. a authority in the central gov with local gov weak (China, France)
  2. b rule by the ppl; free elections
  3. c Economic system advocates for gov ownership of means of production
  4. d European Union, an economic confederacy with no central body
  5. e gov in which ruler's power is hereditary (one ruler)

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  1. keep gov out of economy
  2. official currency of EU
  3. plan, often written, which details rules and functions of gov
  4. soc class in Marxism/Communism taken advantage of by the Bourgeoisie; workers and laborers
  5. econ sys where gov role is small

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  1. RepublicDemocracy - power to citizens who vote for officials, they are responsible to them


  2. Direct Democracysys of gov which all eligible voters make every decision


  3. Parliamentary LeadershipLeader: Prime Minister; usually a Parliament


  4. Anarchylack of gov, chaos


  5. Federal Govcentral gov weak, local gov strong