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Business Ethics

Standard of moral conduct that guide a business's polices, decisions and actions

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

A Painful and crippling condition affectiong the hands and wrists that can be caused by computer use.

Cloud Computing

To use data, applications, and resources stored on computers accessed over the Internet rather than on users' computers.


The transmission of data from one device to another


A programmable, electronic device that accepts data input, performs processing operations on that data, and outputs and stores the results

Computer Ethics

Standards of moral conduct as they relate to computer use


The legal right to sell, publish or distribute an original artistic or literary work; it is held by the creator of the work as soon as it exists in physical form


Raw, unorganized facts

DeQuevain's Tendonitis

A condition in which the tendons on teh thumb side of the wrist are swollen and irritated

Desktop Computer

A personal computer designed to fit on or next to a desk

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software

Software used to protect and manage the rights of creators of digital content.

Digital Watermarks

A subtle alteration of digital content that indentifies the copyright holder

Domain Name

A text-based Internet address used to uniquely identify a computer on the Internet

Dumb Terminal

A computer that must be connected to a network to perform processing or storage tasks.


Electronic trash or waste, such as discarded computer components


A certification, usually issued by a government agency, that identifies a device as meeting minimal environmental performance specifications.


Messages sent from one user to another over the Internet or other network

Email Address

An Internet address consisting of a username and computer domain name that uniquely identifies a person on the Internet.

Embedded Computer

A tiny computer embedded in a product and desighned to perform specific task or functions for that product.

End User

A person who uses the computer to perform task or obtain information


The science of fitting a work environment to the people who work there.


Overall standards of moral conduct

Fair Use

Permits limited duplication and use of a portion of copyrighted material for specific purposes, such as criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, and research.

Green Computing

The use of computers in an environmentally friendly manner


The physical parts of a computer


Data that has been processed into a meaninful form


The process of enterin data into a computer; can also refer to the data itself

Intellectual Property Rights

The legal rights to which creators of original crative works are entitled.


The largest and most well-known computer network, linking millions of computers all over the world.

Internet Address

An address that identifies a computer, person, or Web pafe on the internet, such as an IP address, domain name, or email address

Internet Appliance

A specialized network computer designed primarily for internet access and/or email exchange

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A business or other organization that provides internet access, typically for a fee.

IP Address

A numeric internet address used to uniquely identify a computer on the Internet

Mainframe Computer

A computer used in a large orgainzations that manage large amounts of centralized data and run multiple programs simulaneously

Midrange Server (Minicomputer)

A medium-size computer used to host programs and data for a small network

Moblie Device

A very small communications device with built-in computing or Internet capability.


A very small notebook computer


Computers and other devices that are connected to share hardware, software, and data

Notebook Computer ( Laptop Computer)

A small personal computer designed to be carried around easily


The process of presenting results of processing; also refer to the results themselves.

Personal Computer (PC)

A type of computer based on a miroprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time.



Portable Computer






Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)








Supercomputing Cluster


Surf the Web


Tablet Computer


Thin Client




Ultra-Moblie PC (UMPC)


Uniform Resource Locater (URL)






Web Browser


Web Page


Web Server


Web Site


World Wide Web ( Web or WWW)


True or False
Information is processed into data?


True or False
The physical parts of a computer are called hardware?


True or False
The most powerful and most expensive type of computer availableis the ultracomputer?


True or False
An IP address uniqely identifies a specific web page?


True or False
The current fastest computer in the world is technially a(n) supercomputing cluster?


What are the following primary operation of a computer?

Input-entering data into the computer
Processing- performing operations on the data
Output- presenting the results
Storage-saving data, programs, or output

Who are the computer professionals who write the programs that computers use today?


What browsing allows you to open multiple Web pages at one time?


Presenting someone else's work as your own is called?


The term ..... refers to the programs or instructions used to tell the computer hardware what to do?


ISP Stands for ?

Internet Service Provider is an example of a(n)?

IP address

The legal concept of ....... permits limitited duplication and useof a portion of copyrighted material for specific purposes?

Fair use

The average U.S. household spends approximately.... per yr. powering devices that are turned off or in standby mode


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