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  1. Hemoglobin Synthesis
    (Essential Nutrients for RBC production)
  2. Hemophilia A
  3. Iron Defiency Anemia (Collaborative Care)
  4. Petechiae
  5. Macrocytic
  1. a Assess CV & R status, stool, urine, and emesis
    Provide mouth, skin, foot care
    Nutrition: Iron rich foods, vitamin B6 and C, avoid coffee/tea.
    Medications: Antiemics, ie: ferrous sulfate, iron
  2. b A small red or purple spot caused by bleeding into the skin.
  3. c abnormally large erythrocytes
  4. d Iron: meat,eggs,legumes,dried fruit, grains
    B6: meat, wheat germ legumes, bananas
  5. e (Classic hemophilia) deficiency of factor VIII (80%-Most common)

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  1. antisickling agent lessens the sickling process, decreases incidence of crises
  2. Size
  3. is a calculation of the variation in the size of your RBCs
  4. O2 admin, Fluids, application of warm compresses, bedrest, medications, iron/folic acid suppplements, morphine, acetaminophen and NSAIDS, antibotics, EDUCATION
  5. transport of lipids, bilirubin; has immune function , Constitutes 36% of proteins in the plasma.

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  1. PurpuraA rash of purple spots on the skin caused by internal bleeding from small blood vessels.


  2. X-linked recessive trait (hemophilia)antisickling agent lessens the sickling process, decreases incidence of crises


  3. Hemoglobinmeasures the amount of oxygen-carrying protein in the blood.


  4. Moderate Anemia<6g/dl
    Affects multiple systems. ex: increased P & R; headache, pallor, jaundice, pruritis, sore mouth, exhausted all the time, sensitive to cold,syncope


  5. Folic Acid Deficiency AnemiaPoor Nutrition, malabsorption syndromes, drugs that alter absorption, alcohol abuse, and anorexia, hemodialysis patients