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  1. Blood Protein Breakdown
  2. RDW (Red cell distribution width)
  3. Synthesis of nucleoproteins
    (Essential Nutrients for RBC production)
  4. Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia (Collaborative Care)
  5. Myeloproliferative disorders
  1. a Albumin- 58%, Globulin 38%, Fibrinogen 4%
  2. b Replacement folic acid 1-5mg po QD
    Increase dietary intake of foods high in folic acid
  3. c a group of slow-growing blood cancers, in which large numbers of abnormal red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets grow and spread in the bone marrow and the peripheral blood.
  4. d Amino acids: eggs, meat, milk, nuts, etc.
  5. e is a calculation of the variation in the size of your RBCs

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  1. Decrease # of platlets; production normal but abnormal anitplatelet antibodies increase destruction. Slow clotting time w/ risk for hemorrhage/death
    Effects adult females between ages of 20-40. Platelets destroyed between 1-3 days instead of 8-10days
  2. results from rupture and hemolysis of abnormal erythrocytes, as seen in hemolytic anemias and pernicious anemia, causing the relase of large amounts of bilirubin into the circulation
  3. Poor Nutrition, malabsorption syndromes, drugs that alter absorption, alcohol abuse, and anorexia, hemodialysis patients
  4. tissue other than lymph nodes, thymus, spleen, Waldeyer's ring, appendix & Peyer's patches
  5. Ions, Nutrients, Waste products, Gases, Regulatory substances

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  1. Prothrombinplasma protein; converted to thrombin in the clotting process


  2. Stage 3
    (Hodgkin's disease, stages of severity)
    both sides of diaphram or with spleen or contiguous extralymphatic site


  3. Hydroxyurea (Droxia)<6g/dl
    Affects multiple systems. ex: increased P & R; headache, pallor, jaundice, pruritis, sore mouth, exhausted all the time, sensitive to cold,syncope


  4. Aplastic Anemia
    peripheral blood smear, bone marrow bx, lumbar puncture and CT scan


  5. ITP (collaborative care)Medication therapy:corticosteroids, Imuran
    IV immunoglobulin and anti-Rho. Platelet transfusions. Safety: injury and infection protection. Possible spleenectomy