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one example of a sacrament is...


troubadours were


the person who was so famous for his red beard that he was nicknamed Barbarossa was...

Frederick I

The Song of Roland is an epic poem about the battle between...

French knights and Muslim invaders

Knights most commonly traded military service for...


The Concordat of Worms resolved a major power struggle between...

The Church and the Holy Roman Emperor

Emperor Henery IV's punishment for defying the pope was...


The most famous and respected Muslim leader of his age was...


The Crusade that resulted in the capture of Jerusalem by the Christians and the start of four Crusader states

First Crusade

The practice of selling positions in the Church is...


Considering the meaning of "lay investiture" and the controversy it created, it can be concluded that lay describes...

people who are not members of the clergy

During the Middle Ages, the lowest ranking members of the clergy were...


Canon law deals with issues under the authority of the...


Eleanor of Aquitaine was famous for...

Becoming queen of England

Knights were rarely punished for...

brutality to the weak

The Crusade that failed in its goal of recapturing the Crusader state of Edessa from the Turks...

Second Crusade

In 1100, the Holy Roman Emperor covered most of...

Present-day Germany

The English leader who lead the the third Crusade...

Richard the lion-hearted

The style of architecture that intended to acheive greater height and greater light was...


A knight was expected to fight bravely in defense of his three masters, including

his chosen lady

The architectural style most closely associated with the Age of Faith...


The organized effort to drive the Muslims out of Spain...


The Crusade that resulted in the looting of Constantinople by Western Christians...

Fourth Crusade

The Church court used in Spain to persecute Jews and Muslims...


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