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What are the steps or stages in the Occupational Therapy Process?

1. Referral
2. Screening
3. Evaluation
4. Treatment planning
5. Treatment implementation
6. Re-evaluation
7. Discharge planning

The physician or another legally qualified professional requests OT services for the client during which stage of the OT process?


The therapist obtains data to determine the need for evaluation and intervention in less than 15 minutes in what stage of the OT process?


The OT team attempts to discover the nature of the client's problem and form an occupational profile and analysis of occupational performance during which stage of the OT process?


A plan that will guide actions is developed in collaboration with the client in which stage of the OT process?

Treatment planning

The process of ongoing actions taken to influence and support client occupational performance defines which stage of the OT process?

Treatment implementation

The process of evaluating progress toward the goals of the treatment intervention and modifying the intervention methods as needed defines which stage of the OT process?


The OT team may provide recommendations for further treatment after the client has been discharged from a facility during which stage of the OT process?

Discharge planning

What is generally the first step of the screening process?

Reviewing the client's record to determine the need for further eval and OT intervention

What does the occupational profile describe?

The client's occupational history, patterns of daily living, interest and needs.

What is the analysis of occupational performance designed to do?

Look at the client's observable performance in carrying out desired occupational tasks and ADL

What all is included in the daily schedule interview?

Rising hour, morning activities with hours, hygiene, dressing, breakfast, work/leisure/home management, childcare, lunch, afternoon activities with hours, work/leisure/home management, childcare, rest, social activities, dinner, evening activities with hours, leisure and social activities, preparation for retiring, bedtime

What are the two main information-gathering strategies?

Top-Down, Bottom-Up

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