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  1. 476 a.d.
  2. Fire
  3. Seneca
  4. Weak, corrupt rulers
  5. Spartacus and 73 b.c.
  1. a a gladiator who lead a slave revolt in what year.
  2. b Western half of Rome falls.
  3. c One of the reasons Rome fell.
  4. d A roman writer that didn't approve of the brutal sports.
  5. e Was a constant problem. The poor used open what.

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  1. They began to loot Rome.
  2. When Rome mwas first looted.
  3. An arena in ancient Rome. Also shows we're held there.
  4. When money has less value.
  5. They protected Roman interests.

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  1. VillasAn arena in ancient Rome. Also shows we're held there.


  2. GladiatorsRoman slaves that fought in the arena.


  3. Dark ageWhen Rome mwas first looted.


  4. ConstantineWhere Constantine will move the capital to. Later becomes Constantinople.


  5. ByzantiumRoman word for family.