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  1. Woman's
  2. Bread and circuses
  3. Fire
  4. Household slave
  5. Spartacus and 73 b.c.
  1. a They are treated liked family.
  2. b a gladiator who lead a slave revolt in what year.
  3. c Food and entertainment for the poor. To prevent a revolt.
  4. d Who's social position depended on the husband's wealth.
  5. e Was a constant problem. The poor used open what.

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  1. Where Constantine will move the capital to. Later becomes Constantinople.
  2. Lost in the fall of Rome.
  3. Marcus Aurelius' son. Wasn't a good ruler. Was said that he was the one that caused Rome to collapse
  4. Roman slaves that fought in the arena.
  5. When Rome fell the what began. Law, justice, and learning was lost.

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  1. Apartment buildingsConverted to Christianity and granted Christian freedom. City named Constantinople.


  2. Villasroman country estates for the wealthy people.


  3. Germanic tribesThey began to loot Rome.


  4. 476 a.d.When Rome mwas first looted.


  5. Vandalsroman country estates for the wealthy people.