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  1. Law and justice
  2. Vandals
  3. Seneca
  4. Villas
  5. Inflation
  1. a roman country estates for the wealthy people.
  2. b When money has less value.
  3. c A roman writer that didn't approve of the brutal sports.
  4. d Lost in the fall of Rome.
  5. e A person who destroys property.

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  1. Food and entertainment for the poor. To prevent a revolt.
  2. Marcus Aurelius' son. Wasn't a good ruler. Was said that he was the one that caused Rome to collapse
  3. Had absolute power in the household. Could sell his children into what.
  4. A solider that is getting paid to fight.
  5. Were the poor lived. Made of wood.

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  1. Dark ageWhen Rome fell the what began. Law, justice, and learning was lost.


  2. A regular armyThey protected Roman interests.


  3. DiocletianRoman emperor who divided the empire in two, to make it easier to rule.


  4. CrucifiedWas a constant problem. The poor used open what.


  5. FireWas a constant problem. The poor used open what.