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  1. Famila
  2. Circus
  3. Law and justice
  4. Seneca
  5. Dark age
  1. a A roman writer that didn't approve of the brutal sports.
  2. b An arena in ancient Rome. Also shows we're held there.
  3. c Roman word for family.
  4. d Lost in the fall of Rome.
  5. e When Rome fell the what began. Law, justice, and learning was lost.

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  1. A solider that is getting paid to fight.
  2. Who's social position depended on the husband's wealth.
  3. One of the reasons Rome fell.
  4. They began to loot Rome.
  5. Where Constantine will move the capital to. Later becomes Constantinople.

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  1. Bread and circusesFood and entertainment for the poor. To prevent a revolt.


  2. InflationRoman emperor who divided the empire in two, to make it easier to rule.


  3. Household slaveThey are treated liked family.


  4. A regular armyA solider that is getting paid to fight.


  5. ConstantineWhen money has less value.