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  1. Gladiators
  2. A regular army
  3. Germanic tribes
  4. Weak, corrupt rulers
  5. Commodus
  1. a They protected Roman interests.
  2. b One of the reasons Rome fell.
  3. c They began to loot Rome.
  4. d Marcus Aurelius' son. Wasn't a good ruler. Was said that he was the one that caused Rome to collapse
  5. e Roman slaves that fought in the arena.

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  1. Had absolute power in the household. Could sell his children into what.
  2. Converted to Christianity and granted Christian freedom. City named Constantinople.
  3. Lost in the fall of Rome.
  4. A solider that is getting paid to fight.
  5. When money has less value.

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  1. FamilaRoman word for family.


  2. Dark ageWhen Rome fell the what began. Law, justice, and learning was lost.


  3. Bread and circusesLost in the fall of Rome.


  4. VillasA person who destroys property.


  5. VandalsA person who destroys property.