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  1. ameliorate
  2. enjoin
  3. expiate
  4. vitrolic
  5. acculturation
  1. a bitter sarcastic
  2. b to make amends
  3. c to direct or order
  4. d to improve, make better
  5. e the modification of the social patterns, traits, or structures of one group or society by contact with those of another

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  1. pertaining to an outlying area...... a person with a narrow point of view
  2. peevish, annoyed by trifles
  3. excessively smooth or smug
  4. to have an intense dislike or hatred for
  5. belonging to someone or something by its very nature

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  1. exhortto make amends


  2. inadvertanta state of great excitement


  3. surmisecausing shock, horror, or revulsion


  4. seditioiusthin,slender,not dense


  5. expostulateto make amends