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  1. intrinsic
  2. tenuous
  3. vitrolic
  4. aplomb
  5. adventitious
  1. a thin,slender,not dense
  2. b resulting from chance rather then from inherent cause
  3. c poise, assurance
  4. d bitter sarcastic
  5. e belonging to someone or something by its very nature

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  1. shade cast by trees
  2. tp rose above or beyond
  3. roundabout, not direct
  4. excessively smooth or smug
  5. to attempt to dissuade someone from sone course or action by earnest reasoning

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  1. fermentto think for believe without certain supporting evidence


  2. ameliorateto improve, make better


  3. surmisecausing shock, horror, or revulsion


  4. peculatepeevish, annoyed by trifles


  5. expediteto make amends