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  1. ferment
  2. seditioius
  3. intrinsic
  4. lurid
  5. expostulate
  1. a to attempt to dissuade someone from sone course or action by earnest reasoning
  2. b causing shock, horror, or revulsion
  3. c a state of great excitement
  4. d resistant to law authority
  5. e belonging to someone or something by its very nature

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  1. thin,slender,not dense
  2. the modification of the social patterns, traits, or structures of one group or society by contact with those of another
  3. to make easier or milder, relieve
  4. to think for believe without certain supporting evidence
  5. resulting from or marked by lack of attention

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  1. transcendtp rose above or beyond


  2. ameliorateto improve, make better


  3. provincialpertaining to an outlying area...... a person with a narrow point of view


  4. adventitiousresistant to law authority


  5. unctuousthin,slender,not dense