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  1. Grange
  2. Anglo
  3. Wounded Knee Massacre
  4. Sand Creek Massacre
  5. Homestead Act
  1. a 1862 law that offered 160 acres free to anyone who agreed to live on and improve the land for five years
  2. b English-speaking settler in the Southwest
  3. c 1864 attack in which as many as 200 Cheyenne were killed by the Colorado militia
  4. d mass killing by U.S. soldiers of as many as 300 unarmed Sioux at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in 1890
  5. e organization formed in 1867 to meet the social needs of farm families

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  1. name for pioneer farmers on the Great Plains
  2. Spanish term for cowhand
  3. name for African Americans who settled on the Great Plains
  4. time based on calculations of the sun's passage across the sky
  5. commander of U.S. troops at the Battle of Little Bighorn

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  1. lodedeposit of mineral buried in rock


  2. William Jennings BryanDemocratic and Populist candidate for President in 1896 who advocated a policy of free silver


  3. frontierorganization formed in 1867 to meet the social needs of farm families


  4. Sitting BullEnglish-speaking settler in the Southwest


  5. Mexicanoperson who takes the law into his or her own hands