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  1. Great Plains
  2. sodbusters
  3. Mexicano
  4. transcontinental railroad
  5. reservation
  1. a railroad that spanned the U.S. continent
  2. b name for pioneer farmers on the Great Plains
  3. c Spanish-speaking person in the Southwest whose ancestor had come from Mexico
  4. d the area from the Missouri River to the Rocky Mountains
  5. e land set aside by the U.S. government for Native American tribes

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  1. town that experiences sudden growth in population or economic activity
  2. organization formed in 1867 to meet the social needs of farm families
  3. name for African Americans who settled on the Great Plains
  4. time based on calculations of the sun's passage across the sky
  5. 1876 battle in which Sioux and Cheyenne killed an entire force of U.S. troops

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  1. Sitting BullEnglish-speaking settler in the Southwest


  2. vigilanteorganization formed in 1867 to meet the social needs of farm families


  3. standard timethe time zones devised by railroad companies


  4. frontierparts of the West that were occupied mainly by Native Americans, rather than settlers


  5. Populist Partya policy under which the government backs every dollar with a certain amount of gold


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