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  1. Perfidy
  2. Beguile
  3. Prodigious
  4. Paradox
  5. affable
  1. a Deliberate breach of faith, a calculated violation of trust; treachery
  2. b A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true
  3. c Extraordinary in bulk, quantity, or degree; enormous
  4. d To deceive, especially with charm
  5. e pleasant, friendly

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  1. Not straightforward or candid; insincere or calculating
  2. Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary
  3. Native language or dialect; common everyday language
  4. a continuing and bitter hatred
  5. disinclined to talk, reserved, reticent, closemouthed

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  1. inimitabledifficult or impossible to imitate


  2. vacillateTo reflect on over and over again


  3. SuperciliousExceeding what is sufficient or necessary


  4. AberrationDeviation from what is right or normal


  5. ObsequiousConstant in application or attention; diligent