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  1. vacillate
  2. pernicious
  3. Assiduous
  4. Vernacular
  5. affluence
  1. a Native language or dialect; common everyday language
  2. b wealth
  3. c Constant in application or attention; diligent
  4. d to fluctuate or show indecision
  5. e highly injurious or destructive

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  1. to make more violent, bitter, severe
  2. Emotionally moving; having painfully sharp emotions
  3. characterized by joking; playful
  4. Very satisfactory or acceptable
  5. Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary

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  1. obsequiousoverly difficult to please; meticulous


  2. equivocateTo reflect on over and over again


  3. pragmaticpractical; deliberate and logical in thinking


  4. CallousMarked by or exhibiting sorrow grief, or pain


  5. ObstinateUnreasonably stubborn