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  1. Efficacious
  2. jocular
  3. Callous
  4. poignant
  5. indigent
  1. a Having the power to produce a desired effect; effective
  2. b Emotionally moving; having painfully sharp emotions
  3. c Hardened, unfeeling
  4. d characterized by joking; playful
  5. e Needy, poor

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  1. Marked by shame or disgrace; despicable
  2. To belittle the character of; defame
  3. A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true
  4. keenly perceptive: shrewd
  5. Having or showing profound knowledge

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  1. ObsequiousFull of or exhibiting senile compliance; fawning


  2. Prodigiousfavorable


  3. Copaceticseverely critical or sarcastic


  4. SuperciliousFeeling or showing haughty disdain; arrogant


  5. inimitablenot able to pacify or appease