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  1. Assiduous
  2. Acquiesce
  3. obsequious
  4. propitious
  5. abjure
  1. a full of or exhibiting senile compliance; fawning
  2. b To give up without protest
  3. c Constant in application or attention; diligent
  4. d to renounce solemnly; recant; abstain from; to give up
  5. e favorable

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  1. severely critical or sarcastic
  2. Having or showing profound knowledge
  3. Alleviation of grief or anxiety; a source of relief or consolation; peace
  4. Pleasant, friendly
  5. not able to pacify or appease

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  1. vacillateTo reflect on over and over again


  2. CapriciousWhimsical, impulsive


  3. fastidiousoverly difficult to please; meticulous


  4. nefariouskeenly perceptive: shrewd


  5. mendaciouskeenly perceptive: shrewd