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That sum may seem ______ to you, but to me it is a great deal of money.


By concentrating on personal gain, he has ______ both himself and the high office to which he was elected.


The starving children shown in the TV special looked more like ______ than living creatures.


Whenever I go to a concert, I seem to spend half my time shushing the ______ boors who chitchat while the orchestra is playing.


As ______ for the damage he had caused to the family car, Phil promised to clean and polish it regularly for a full year.


Since my next paycheck was not to be had until the first of the month, I reconciled myself to living ______ until then.


The woman is known and loved throughout the community for her many ______ acts on behalf of all types of unfortunates.


The principal ______ the entire student body for their discourteous behavior toward the guest speaker at the school assembly.


His ______ schemes for world chonquest collapsed in a nightmare of military defeat and internal revolt.


In her clumsy efforts to be recognized as an "intellectual", she ______ endlessly about matters she does not really understand.


All the power of Great Britain could not shake the American colonisits in their ______ opposition to measures that they considered unfair and tyrannical.


She is such a ______ foe of the trite phrase that her students tremble lest her wrath descend on them for using a cliche.


The sale of so many great works of art ot foreign collectors is, in my eyes, little more than ______ of our culture heritage.


The master chef has ______ a dessert that is so rich that it will be a menace to weight watchers throughout the country.


He is so ______ about every detail that it is said he irons his shoelaces before wearing theym.


Her self-confidence is so unshakeable that she is simply not ______ to "put-down" remarks that would annoy other people.


The fact that he did everything possible to help the poor child after the accident tends to ______ his responsibility for the tragedy.


It is a ______ of the memory of Lincoln to involve his name in defense of such a racist policy.


Although his conduct may not have violated any law, I consider it a gross ______ of conventional ethical standards.


The conductor of the orchestra was so ______ by the noisy audience that he stopped the performance and asked for quiet.

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