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What is the main job performed by the legislative branch?

To make laws

What does bicameral mean?

Having two lawmaking parts

What are proposals for new laws called?


How long do members of the House of Representatives serve?

Two years

How old do you have to be to be a representative in the House of Representatives?


How old do you have to be to be in the Senate?


Who has the power to raise taxes and revenue?

The House of Representatives

How long is a Senate term?

Six years

Who has the power to declare war?


How many members are in the Senate?


How many members are there in the House of Representatives?


How long is the length of a term for the president?

4 years

What is the minimum age to be president?


Who has the power to make treaties with foreign countries?

The president

Who has the power to nominate officers of the U.S.?

The president

Who is commander-in-chief of the U.S. military?

The president

Who has the power to try all impeachments?

The Senate

What is the main job of the executive branch?

To carry out the laws

What does the president promise to defend when he takes the oath of office?

The Constitution of the United States

What do cabinet members do?

Advise the president

What is the main job performed by the judicial branch?

To do trials and decide if laws are constitutional

What different kinds of courts make up the judicial branch?

The Supreme Court and inferior courts

What does the term "judicial review" mean?

That the court will review it

How long is a Supreme Court term?


How has the authority to resolve issues with laws?

The Supreme Court

Who can settle disputes between the states?

The Supreme Court

How many members are there in the Supreme Court?


What does the term "checks and balances" mean?

It's the system that allows each branch of government to limit the power of the other branches

Why was checks and balances included in the Constitution?

So that no one branch of government would have too much power

Who can override a veto?

The legislative branch

Who has the power to review laws and treaties?

The judicial branch

Who has to approve people that the president puts in government positions?

The Senate

Who has to approve treaties made with foreign countries?

The Senate

Who has the power to veto laws?

The president

Who can check the power of the judiciary branch by impeachment?

The House of Representatives

Why is it possible to change the Constitution?

So that the Constitution would change along with the times so the government would stay stable

How can an amendment get approved?

By 2/3 of Congress, then 3/4 of state legislatures

Who has the power to propose amendments?


Who has to approve amendments?

The states

How many amendments are there?


Why is the power of the government shared between the nation and the states?

So the nation is unified, but there's still local control

What is federalism?

The constitutional system that shares power between the national and state governments

Who has the power to print/coin money?


What does "supreme law of the land" mean?

It's the overruling law in the U.S. States can't make contradicting laws.

Who has the power to bring impeachment to court?


What is Article 1 about?

The legislative branch

What is Article 2 about?

The executive branch

What is Article 3 about?

The judicial branch

What is article 4 about?

Relations between the states

What is article 5 about?

Amending the Constitution

What is article 6 about?

The Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land

What is article 7 about?

Ratifying the Constitution

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