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Match each of the 10 text features or categories of text features with its appropriate definition. Visit the Maryland State Curriculum, Reading Toolkit clarification document for 2.A.2 (at to find out more.

informational aids

Features within a text that include: Timelines, glossed words (words defined within the text), bulleted lists, and pronunciation keys, footnotes, and works cited

online features

Features within a text that include: URL address, hypertext links, and drop down menus

print features

Features within a text that include: bold or color print, font, size of print, italics, quotation marks, or underlining

graphic aids

Features within a text that include: photographs and illustrations with or without captions, cartoons, maps, graphs, diagrams, and tables

organizational aids

Features within a text that include: tables of contents, titles, subtitles, headings, subheadings, glossaries and indices


Uniform Resource Locator; the address of a website.

home page

This page is the first page in a website


Highlighted or underlined text that will take a user to another website which has related information

drop down menu

These menus and lists are signaled by inverted pyramids. When the inverted pyramid is clicked on, a series of other sources appears


A boxed set of information, such as site maps, lists, or explanations of a website, that is set off from the content

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