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  1. global wind that affects the United States
  2. latitude
  3. Cold air has __________ pressure than warm air
  4. during the day, land heats up _________ than water
  5. doldrums
  1. a faster
  2. b the distance from the equator measured in degrees
  3. c higher pressure
  4. d low pressure regions near the equator with little or no wind (calm winds)
  5. e prevailing westerlies

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  1. the measure of the force with which air molecules push on a surface
  2. 3 - trade winds, westerlies, polar easterlies
  3. a narrow belt of strong winds that blow in the upper troposphere and directs storms in the United States
  4. equator or 0 degrees latitude
  5. winds that blow over short distances; caused by the uneven heating of land and water examples are land and sea breezes

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  1. type of air pressure at the horse latitudeslow pressure


  2. Coriolis effectregions of high pressure and gentle winds at about 30 degrees north and south latitude.


  3. anemometeran instrument used to measure wind speed


  4. the type of air pressure found at 60 degrees North and South latitudehigh pressure


  5. Warm air has ___________ pressure than cold airlower pressure


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