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  1. bill of exchange
  2. serfs
  3. feudalism
  4. manor
  5. Tournaments
  1. a a practice adopted from Middle Eastern Merchants, replaced the need to carry gold coins
  2. b mock battles
  3. c the lord's estate
  4. d bound to the land
  5. e was a loosely organized system of rule which powerful lcal lrds divided their landholdings among lesser lords

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  1. traniee
  2. body of laws developed by the medieval church
  3. wandering poets
  4. formal course of study
  5. estate

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  1. frontiera sparsely populated undevelped area on the outskirts of a civilization


  2. Vassalsbound to the land


  3. guildsmonks who did not live in isolated monasteries


  4. partnershupmany merchants in one orginization


  5. simonythe selling of church offices