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  1. friars
  2. Chivalry
  3. frontier
  4. canon law
  5. feudalism
  1. a a code of conduct
  2. b monks who did not live in isolated monasteries
  3. c a sparsely populated undevelped area on the outskirts of a civilization
  4. d body of laws developed by the medieval church
  5. e was a loosely organized system of rule which powerful lcal lrds divided their landholdings among lesser lords

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  1. an order excluding an entire town region or kingdom from recieving most sacrements & a Christian burial
  2. the relationship between the lords and vassals establised by custom, tradition and an exchange of pledges
  3. the selling of church offices
  4. money for investment
  5. estate

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  1. Papal supremeacttraniee


  2. guildsmonks who did not live in isolated monasteries


  3. medievalmoney for investment


  4. middle classthe Latin word for Middle Age


  5. partnershupa written document that set the rights and privaleges for a town