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  1. interdict
  2. feudalism
  3. Papal supremeact
  4. Feudal Contract
  5. manor
  1. a authority over all secular rulers
  2. b the relationship between the lords and vassals establised by custom, tradition and an exchange of pledges
  3. c an order excluding an entire town region or kingdom from recieving most sacrements & a Christian burial
  4. d was a loosely organized system of rule which powerful lcal lrds divided their landholdings among lesser lords
  5. e the lord's estate

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  1. estate
  2. worldly force in medieval Europe
  3. the sacred rites of the church
  4. wandering poets
  5. lending money at interest

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  1. middle classbetween nobles and pesants


  2. friarsmonks who did not live in isolated monasteries


  3. journeymensalaried workers


  4. simonyestate


  5. bill of exchangebetween nobles and pesants